Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Weekend

Whew-what a weekend! As for Art-I have been working on some backgrounds in my art journal for a workshop that starts tomorrow from Kira . I LOVE art journaling. Its been a while since I have done any, and I miss it, and want to get back going on it again. I also am really needing more inspiration to do some more art pieces-I need to get some canvas' done for a workshop and program I am doing in February! This may be the ticket.

I did a sample card today for ISC using the About Me Sheet again. I made the backgrounds using the Caran D'Ache Crayons that I love :)
Yesterday was really great! My husband and I have had NO ONE to watch our kids-we have not been out by ourselves for over a year. Anyway, after talking to one of the leader's at my church he told me to bring them over to his place-his family has horses! So, while we were out the kids got to go ride the horses and chase all over their neighborhood seeing Koi Ponds, ducks, peacocks, raccoons (yes! they are caged!) and just having a blast. It was really a nice break.
Of course now that he had the kids over to his place other people have stepped forward to say that they will watch the kids too-now maybe we can get out more often. I think it scared people to watch Gilly because of her past health history-but I won't elaborate anymore, as it just gets me upset and I will just go off on a tangent :) We went shopping and I got a magazine and picked up some more art supplies while we were out too :) Sometimes picking up just a new paint color can give inspiration, so thats what I did-I picked out a couple of new colors :)


Anonymous said...

Incredible backgrounds. Absolutely love the colors!!! Sounds like the kids had fun! Kristy, let people think what they want about Gilly. As long as you know she is healthy and able to play like she does that is all that matters. I know in my heart you wouldn't let her do anything that would be of a danger to her! Hang in there!

Loudlife said...

Oooh! I love that background! And what sweeties on the horse!

I'm with you re babysitters. We have only 2 people and they both live more than 45 minutes away. I think we've seen 2 movies since she was born!

Congratulations on your date!