Friday, August 31, 2012

Trois Personnages

New Assemblage I just completed! This one is for an art show at a local gallery that I am participating in soon

Friday, August 3, 2012

More Art Done

Did two more pieces very emotionally charged one and one fun whimsical one :)

I poured alot of emotion into the one, and after that felt sooooooo much better that I had to do a more fun  one :)
These are both around 12x16 in size
Mixed Media:
Charcoal , Acrylics, Spray Paint, Pastels, Caran D'ache crayons and ink.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cat Lady

For some reason I have been into painting cats (at least yesterday). Here is another piece I completed, about 12x16 in size.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Cats

Another new piece :)

Monday, July 30, 2012


I cannot think of anything other than "Butch" when I look at this dog.  I have been doing some painting today, and in a new style for me.  I am still learning along the way, but I am enjoying this!  Being a dog lover, I had to do one of a dog today.

This measures approx 11x14 and is mixed media

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hand In Hand

Just finished this small Assemblage-it is 4" by 6" in size and is Hangable :)

Untitled Assemblage

Finished this one last month, but with all that took place in the last month I forgot to upload this one !

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Timpani Collage

The past week I have been so busy-helping my mom with my brother's affairs out of state.  I couldn't believe there was so much to do.  I have been mentally and emotionally spent.  Once I got home, I pretty much fell apart.  Today I have actually felt more at peace, and felt up to doing a little art. So, i decided to do a collage and since I have had percussion on my mind, I decided to use an image of a Timpani, which my brother played for the Symphony.  I dusted off my Gocco printer and made a screen of Timpani to use as the focal image. In addition to the Gocco print, I used vintage papers, gesso, watercolor, pencil, tissue and a dry transfer letter. I know its not the straightest photo, but you get the idea :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rest in Peace, Dear Brother

It has been a horrible few days. My oldest brother had a major stroke on wednesday evening. At first things seemed okay but it went into a bleeding stroke, and it was inoperable.  He died today, at 56 years old.  It has been traumatizing for my family, as this came out of nowhere. 
Today I have reflected upon some memories I have of him.  For one, he was a brilliant musician.  He was a Percussionist Extraordinaire. He was a Professor of Music. Music was the love of his life.
I grew up being around symphonies, and was always so bored by them. But it was because of that, that ultimately instilled in me a love of music.  It was because of him, that I had an amazing piano teacher for so many years. He never settled for anything other than the best. 
He was writing and illustrating a book all about drumming, and it was in the final editing stage. He was co-authoring the book with one of his good friends.  That book will now be dedicated to him.
We had such a large age difference that I didn't know him too well. By the time I was a toddler, he was off at college.  I wish I could have known him better.  But I know I will see him again someday.

Kirk Sharp

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to my Collage roots :)

So I know I mentioned in a previous post that I was trying to get away from collage. sigh. Trying was the key word.  Truth is, I just can't. Its kinda where I began, and it runs thick in my blood. I have ALWAYS adored Randel Plowman's work and I recently picked up his book and it just inspired me to do it. After all, I have LOADS of ephemera and collage supplies. So I gotta use them, right? 
So in an effort to do art today I was drawn to collage.  Actually most stuff I do, even if its a miniscule piece, always has a collage twist.  I have not dug through my tub of ephemera and it was fun to pull it out and explore it once again. I was drawn to the flamingos-they screamed at me to be used today. I love pink flamingos and they have been on my mind alot lately as I have been seeing those pink plastic ones lately-you know, the ones you stick in your yard? My grandfather used to have some and I always as really crazy about them. In fact over the weekend I told my husband I wanted some :) LOL!!!!
Vintage papers, gouache, tissue, graphite and gesso on watercolor paper

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Washi Tape to the rescue!

I have quite a bit of Washi tape-got it to use in my art journals. But lately I just haven't been doing any art journaling.  I made a couple of Dry Erase Boards out of picture frames, for my daughter's teacher and aide as thank you's. They just needed more-the black frame just wasn't cutting it for me! Then I remembered my Washi tape! Soooooo glad I have it on hand! It fit just right into the grooves of the frame to add the finishing touch! These are 5x7 in size and will just sit on a desk top. I hope they like them :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Climbing Mount Everest

So for the past 4-6 weeks I have felt like I am climbing Mount Everest.  Some things in life have just taken their toll and I have landed flat on my back.  I hate dealing with the "D" word. Its something I have even avoided talking about until the last few days. Reality has hit.  I suffer from the D word. sigh. It runs in my family so its pretty inevitable anyway. I have been in denial about it for some time. But its time to face it.  I am facing this head on and I am going to fight it to the death.  Each day may be small victories, but I will fight this.  The only thing I really REALLY miss right now is my artistic muse. She has gone, and has been replaced by a fog. I sit and have loads of great ideas. Once I stand in front of paper or canvas, it goes blank.  Its the WORST! But I still "show up", draw some stuff in my Moleskine, and collect art supplies, so when the "sun" returns I will be ready to go. I try to rejoice in each day's small victories. I look back at my day and count all the things I accomplished (even though they aren't really art related at all).  As if its not lonely enough with the "D" word, I tend to isolate myself. And it sucks not having any family nearby. So I do this...........alone.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Basquiat style in my Moleskine journal

As mentioned in a previous blog post,  I have become pretty obsessed with all things Basquiat.
I have lost count of how many times I have watched his movie and documentary (I know them inside and out). Being i have studied his work so much, I thought I would try my hand at doing something his style today-except for using Gouache paints which I had forgot I had.
Gouache, paint pen, and wax crayon in Moleskine Journal

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Accepted into California State Fair!

I just learned that one of my pieces  (Le Soleil) was accepted into the California State Fair Fine Art Exhibit! They only accepted 3 assemblage pieces, and mine was one of them! There were 1326 entries into this show and they accepted approx 181 pieces. I feel very lucky, and very honored, to be a part of California's most prestigious show!

My Statement for this piece:
When I began this piece, I just started with a few found objects, not really knowing where this would end up. I chose the "sun" object simply because it spoke to me that particular day. As the piece progressed, and I chose the photo as the focal point, the mood of the piece seemed to emerge. Smiling women & the sun, plus my use of color are reminiscent of a beautiful, sunny California day, which I wanted to convey.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weight Of The World

A couple days ago I had just the worst day ever. I literally felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I have not felt like that in such a long time.  Anyway, I did this painting and named it
"Weight of the World" and it says it all :)
Its 14x18 in size on a Canvas Panel. Mixed Media

Friday, April 27, 2012

Drawing for hours....

Over the past month or so I have spent hours upon hours drawing.........everything! Images around the house, still lifes, and faces.  I have not been brave enough to show anything here, but I have been proud of my progress. Even my husband has been impressed, and it takes alot for him to comment on things or be impressed at anything.  Lets just say he is a "man of few words."
Anyway I am pretty happy with the face I drew today, so I thought I would share it.  I added a stick of charcoal at the end and I wish I hadn't but thats okay, I am still pleased with the outcome.
I used to draw very well as a child, but it stopped there.  It has taken me lots of patience to start drawing, and to get past the whole "I can't draw" thing.  Because of how devoted I have been , I have conquered that fear.  I am past hearing that ugly "I can't draw" voice in my head.  I am actually really enjoying myself. I look forward to painting some of the things I am drawing.........just gotta do a little more before I take that leap!

Drawing is 9x12 in size. Image is MUCH better in real life-it looks more washed out in the photo to me :(

Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming soon...........Mixed Media May

My friend Cindy has put together a wonderful project for the month of May that will be an annual event! Each day , a different mixed media artist will be featured! It should be pure eye candy for sure! Each artist will be interviewed and also some of their work will be shown. Although it is all mixed media, all the styles are very different! I am excited about it. I am also proud to be part of this!

Mixed Media May

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Juried into National Orange Show Exhibit!

I entered an older piece into this show (still met the guidelines) and I got in!  Its one of my very most favorite pieces. Being it is an all-California show and its for the ORANGE show, I thought this would be a good piece to enter

Juried Art Show

I participated in a juried art show this weekend (Yucaipa CA) and I won 3rd place in the Mixed Media category for my "Martin & Maude" piece and Honorable Mention in the Acrylics Category for my older piece "Glowing"

Very Excited :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jean-Michel Basquiat -My Art Hero

I have found myself wanting to blog about my new favorite artist, Jean Michel Basquiat.
A friend of mine had recently watched the documentary, The Radiant Child.  Curious, I checked it out on Netflix.  Needless to say, a month or even less later, I have watched this obsessively probably nearly 20 times. I have read a biography about him, as well as watched Julian Schnabel's movie "Basquiat."   I have never had an artist's work impact me as much as his.  I know that one day, when I see his actual work in person, I am going to stand in front of it and bawl my eyes out. 
His story and vision amaze me.  He had a horribly sad ending to his life (overdosed on heroin).
I cannot imagine the pressure he had at such a young age. His art speaks to me like no other-it is so raw and I just love that. He listened to music, TV and always had reading material around when he made art. That is what I do. I love how he did what he wanted -he didn't want to be told what kind of art to create. He totally didn't tolerate that at all.  His vision, to me, is exactly as an artist's vision should be. About creating what YOU want, not what anyone else wants.  He is my art hero!!!

Le Soleil

"Le Soleil" 

Acrylic paint and found objects
This one measures about 8 1/2 x10 with a 2" depth

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Artwork

I have been busily practicing drawing like crazy-and I took a break to get some artwork done.  More and more I will have artwork that I drew and painted.  This is a process that I have been wanting to do and now its coming into fruition.  I may add some collage here and there but for the most part I see myself venturing out. I am loving doing new stuff and working out of my comfort zone.  Picasso has been my inspiration lately. These are both 11x14 in size.  Top one is on a canvas board, the other is on heavy watercolor paper. Acrylics, inks, and pencil.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skullrider Assemblage

I completed this in a workshop this weekend! Such a great energy and met some new friends-a day of alll day long art making and just plain fun. I wish I had more days like this! This was a workshop called "Twisted Toys" by my friend and artist, Richard Freund. Yes, most of the elements are Toys, or parts of toys :) Normally I am not one to use skulls in my work-but I felt like it that day, and everything just seemed to go together so well :) I am thrilled with the outcome, and I loved working outside my comfort zone :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been doing art just not posting much!

I've been here, busily doing art but just haven't posted! I was working on a commission-it was a birthday present for the owner of a local AMAZING Sandwich shop.  I just delivered the piece today.  The recipient of this is out of town and I am anxious to see how he likes it. It will be on the wall of this sandwich shop that is such a hit in our town.  He is REALLY into music, hence the music theme. This Sandwich shop ALWAYS has music playing, especially lots of Reggae!  I put on Pandora radio on the Bob Marley station and worked away at this piece!

Monday, March 12, 2012

playing around with some abstracts............and my art on display :)

The past week I have been taking care of a sick little girl-she has been sick at least one week out of each month the past few months. It has gone straight to her poor little lungs. I have had to get up in the middle of the night with her to do breathing treatments, etc and let me tell ya-I have been too tired to do much of anything. With her home I can't concentrate much anyhow. I have to have total concentration-if she interrupts me I find it very difficult to get back in my "zone" so I really can't paint when she is home. I have been DYING to though! Like I think I mentioned, I am feeling a serious style change coming.  Right now, I am playing, and trying new things. This will help my growth and I know this year I will grow by leaps and bounds, because that is one of my goals this year.  Today I messed around and did some small abstracts.  Just pure play and joy-painting with my hands. Here is one of them:

Just over a week ago I attended the artist reception for the juried show I am in.  I even got my husband to go with me-imagine that (I usually end up going alone)! Here's my art on display -they had them in  display cases :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Juried into Multi Media Mini a new adventure

I found out a couple days ago that 2 of the 3 pieces I entered into Redlands Art Association's Multi Media Mini Show have been accepted! What a thrill! I can humbly say that every time I have entered this show I have been fortunate to be juried in.  But getting that piece of mail that says that I was juried in is ALWAYS exciting.  I just love adding these shows to my art resume :) This is the 5th time I have done this particular show.  I look forward to going to the artist reception on Sunday-there is such a wonderful energy at these shows, and being able to mingle with the other artists is always a plus.  Here are the pieces they juried in:

In an effort to really get out of my comfort zone and try something new I signed up for Pam Carriker's class "Pursuing Portraits."  I have always wanted to master sketching a proportionate face, and this seemed like just the class. For my first try I didn't do too bad. I am looking forward to practicing more and also getting to paint them.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Revisiting old art exciting news

 I was thinking about some of my older pieces last night. I was thinking of what my favorite past art pieces have been. So I thought I would revisit them and share them! I am sure there are more favorites, but have just been thinking of these recently :)

And for some exciting news.........
 I am going to be having my stuff in a gallery in South Dakota soon! Gotta get to work............

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another new piece

Just finished this assemblage today!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"The Clock is Ticking" Assemblage

This one feels done to I am gonna stop right here :)
Its hard to get a really good photo of it-there are so many little details.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another one in progress......

I'm getting all set for a juried art show that is in my area every year-its for works smaller than 14" (I think). Anyway!  I am really into doing assemblage right now, so chances are thats what I will be entering (we can enter up to 3 pieces). This one has been SO fun to do-just a little more to do and it will be finished. My husband says its a little "bizarre" but I beg to differ on that!  Its FUN. Oh well, he is not into art anyway :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letting go of fear..............till I'm blue in the face

Thats the name of this, because that is exactly what went through my mind as I painted away at this. I have never painted so fast in my LIFE!!!  Being I have been doing silly drawings,  it has really freed me up to be more relaxed and just go with the flow.  I wanted this lady to have a blue face. The more I realized it, the more I realized that is what exactly was going on in my mind. And I LIKE the blue face.
This is a 12x16 canvas board.