Friday, May 30, 2008


Another sample for ISC

This uses the About Me Sheet and the words are from the Fansy Designs Sheet


Uh Oh.......this is a side I have not gone.........a tagbook scrapbook sort of thing!

But ya know, being a mom , its pretty evident these sort of things need to be done. I have done some scrapbooking, and made scrapbooks for people in the past , but its something I have not done for a looooooooooong time. I made this for my Gillian. I thought we could do it based on her favorite things (of the moment, anyway ).
This Tagbook kit is from Debbie's Die Cuts. I have had this forever, and I just remembered this today!

This is ALL stamped! Stamps are from ISC and most of the stamps are from the new "About Me" Sheet and maybe one or two from the "Art4FramesII" sheet
Pictured here are all the pages-in no particular order because ya never know how they come out through blogger!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today's Stamping

More samples for ISC today. I am surprised I was able to stamp anything at all today! I have been going alllllllll day!

These are using the Art4FramesII, and the flower from the About Me Sheet from ISC
I have to say I LOVE the flower on the About Me sheet-its gorgeous.
Making the "little things" card today actually got me thinking about how grateful I really am for the little things. For about the past month I have sort of been off, have had my mind on alot of crap and just feeling like something is missing. Now that my muse is coming back and the other issues are being resolved, today I have really counted my blessings. Not that I have thought my life is bad-its not at all. Just crap-life happens. But sometimes I get so sucked into things I forget about whats really important, and what brings me joy. I have been doing some creative stuff the past few days and its really helped my days become more "balanced" I guess you would say. I work out, I have become a freak over nutrition and good health. But thats something new for me-Art and creativity have been my sanity for a number of years. I realize I have neglected that side of me. Although it was hard for me to get back into it, and I really had to push myself, I am so glad I did. I have realized it just takes effort.
As the issues in my life are resolving, I see how despite how hard it is, I need to push myself, and no matter what, I need to focus on keeping myself "balanced." A friend of mine recently told me, after telling her how I feel (sort of blah), that she thinks its from Let down, from selling the business. I know that takes time. True, I do have more time on my hands, but honestly-not much! I am still going like crazy. Honestly, I don't know how I managed to keep the business running. Its no wonder I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown.
I am SO happy to be able to take care of myself physically and mentally. I feel wonderful, being able to take some time for myself and be more concious of my health.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Okay so I did another

I had more time this afternoon after Gillian's homework so I whipped up another one using Fansy Designs from ISC .
You will see this is not my usual style, But I like it nonetheless:)

Another one

I had a scrap piece that I challenged myself to use. I used the Fansy Designs sheet from ISC for this one.

ISC Challenge

Betsy over at ISC is having a challenge to use a certain color scheme-here is my contribution!

I LOVE these colors-they are amongst my favorites.

I used her Art4FramesII sheet and the Fansy Designs for this one.

Monday, May 26, 2008

TMTA: Diptych

Here's my contribution for Think Monday Think ATC.

All images are by Inkastamps, including the collage image.

A Quick Stamp

Well, it wasn't actually so quick just for this ONE sample I made up for Betsy at ISC.

I LOVE to mix and match different stamps from different sheets........I see so much potential.

I used oil pastels and gesso for the background......and I used Gesso to stamp the lines from the All About Me Sheet on the background.
Thats what I did here. I used these sheets:

Flair of Summer, All About Me (the lines), Art4FramesII, and Assemblage

It is SO nice to be able to do something creative again. Its nourishing for my soul ;)

I can feel my muse coming back.......its so nice.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Samples for ISC

I have really neglected blogging-I have been dealing with some personal junk-it seems to be sorted out now for the most part. I just remembered that I did not post these samples I did for ISC-I did these on Friday and it felt good to stamp something. Lately I have had no creative juices at all-probably because of these personal issues. Anyway-these are new stamps from ISC

using the Flair of Summer sheet.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

See It, Say It Saturday on ZNE-My response

Its my turn again for See it Say It Saturday!
I created this piece, "Her Memories" in response to Barbara Moustafa's piece pictured here, entitled "I'm Here Somewhere."
(to the left here)

I have titled the piece (above) I have done "Her Memories" as she looks like she i reminiscing of something, along with the elements included in the piece.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I just got a call from the Art center that hosts the art shows I have done around here-they have a gallery there too and art classes, etc.Anyway, they want me to do a "program" and a workshop! eek!!!! I guess the program is where I take a bunch of my art for display and talk about how I do it, etc. Then the workshop would be like 6 hours and teach them about how I do my artwork. I told them I would get back to them next week......told them I need to work out things in my head, how I would do it. Its kinda scary-great opportunity though! I am flattered they asked. I will probably do it........It would probably be good for me.
Since I have been so creatively dry, since the call I have actually felt a bit of a "jumpstart."
So, that could be a good thing! I would have plenty of time.......until February!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I know I've been quiet............I am still here. Other than my sprained ankle, I am doing great. I sprained it yesterday so I am trying to keep off it. The past month or so has been just blah-I have felt little creativity at all. Probably because pretty much last month my whole family was sick and they sucked my muse right out of me. I guess you could say I am just taking a little break! I have also had some personal struggles that I am trying to work out. One of them is with Gillian-I am going through some phases lately where I am just worn out from all she requires. She has also been very defiant lately and it has been difficult. Luckily I have a friend who is also an aid in her class who has been taking her home after school one day per week for an extra few hours to give me a break. That is SO nice of her. This week I won't get that as she will be out of town and I am sort of bummed, but nothing I can do about it so I am not worried. Also have some issues going on at my church-bottom line is I am just questioning things and I have always felt out of place there, which I truly do not believe is the way to feel-I think it should be a place of positivity. I am finding its causing me more harm than good, really. It really bums me out :( My huband is very active there so I have to be cautious of how I do things as I don't want it to hurt my marriage at all. So, I guess I just have alot on my mind. I am still chugging along........its not like I am sitting around crying my eyes out or anything like that, I am just sort of keeping myself busy doing other things. My mom thinks I am just burned out on everything. I guess it can get that way after you go-go-go all the time like I do.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Playing with new stamps

I have been eyeing these stamps from Artistic Outpost for months, so I finally gave in and got some. I was able to make an ATC with them today. Isn't she adorable?

See It, Say It Saturday on ZNE-My response

Today on "See it Say It Saturday" I responded to this wonderful piece by Jan Whittle, titled "Another Country (the piece to the left here)."

I did a journal page in response to this piece. My Piece is above. Looking at Jan's piece made me think of the different culture of the focal point, so that is what I based my journal page on.