Sunday, November 26, 2006

First post

I have been meaning to set up a blog here for quite a while now-so I finally did :)

My poor muse has been on vacation...........but it has come back!
It figures It comes back when I have really no energy at all! I haven't felt well the past couple of days-seems I am having a miscarriage (about 95% sure of it) so I am drained. But I am doing fine-I just want my energy back!!!!
Doing some art has felt really great. With all the work I have done around my house-some redecorating, moving my son into his own room, switching my art space to another room , etc I haven't had much time to do much. I have read somewhere where I need to make an appt. with myself to do something for ME each day. I really need to do that. I started to, until all these other projects took over my life!LOL Anyway , hope to start making appts with myself each day now :)
I have attached a photo of what I did today. Its a 4x4 on Matboard that I mounted to a piece of masonite that I painted black. Stamps, india ink , handmade paper and acrylics were used for this.