Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Beautiful Pink Atlas Sewing Machine

After I saw some posts about a pink sewing machine I HAD to have one. It was just WAY too cool.

So low and behold I was perusing ebay and they happened to have a couple.  This one ended at a really cheap price so I couldn't pass it up-I just considered it my christmas and birthday present :)  I am so thrilled.  She came to me pretty dirty-she needed (and still does) some serious cleaning and a new belt, and lightbulb.  When she arrived her case was damaged and unusable (sad face). After I took her to my sewing machine repair guy he fixed her all up and she runs like a dream.  She can sew through layers amazingly!!  I think she is just awesome. I am not sure of the exact year she was made-all I know is its from the 50's.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Did It Wednesday: Easy Fleece Beanie

My daughter found this fleece in the remnants section and HAD to have it. She loves anything Hello Kitty right now :)  So I bought it to make her a beanie. Finally amidst all this Christmas Craziness I got to FINISH something. This took less than 30 minutes from cutting it out to completing it-gotta love that! And imagine this-its Wednesday so I can post this for the We Did It Wednesday Challenge-yay!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I must be known as some old sewing machine collector..........

This is so crazy!  My aunt said this machine was given to her by her Sister in Law for ME-I guess she has had this for a while. Anyway-my aunt thought I was an old machine collector so she said she was going to bring by this old Singer machine.  I really did not know what to expect but how on earth could I possibly say no???  So I get it (in its original case) and open it to find this beauty. WOW!!!  I was HOPING it would be one of this type of Singer's, so what a great surprise!  I threaded her up and she runs amazing.  Just a straight stitch and reverse. This is a Singer 66-it says on the label on the back of the machine that it was made in 1949. Beautiful, Clean condition. I am so stoked!

Oh, and pardon the messy table its on!hahaha! I just plopped it onto my daughter's table to test her out

Friday, December 2, 2011

Singer Futura Quartet

So I got yet another machine (thanks to my wonderful friend for the gift). Have had it for a couple weeks or so now, just played with it a little bit when I first got it. It does everything-stitching, serging, quilting and it also embroiders. I am not brave enough to try embroidery yet-maybe next year though!LOL I did try some free motion stitching though and that was fun :)  Looking forward to trying more. I could get very addicted to free motion stitching easily, and see how artistic I could get with that. Its gonna take alot of practice though-it looks really easy but its not quite that simple!

Cute,Simple Skirt

Just a very simple skirt-just took an hour to whip this up!  LOVE the fabric though-I could have bought a whole bolt of this stuff. It was at Walmart of all places...........and very good quality fabric so I was surprised!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We did it Wednesday!

I just finished a dress for my daughter. It was a bit challenging being it was the first time I have ever done a Yoke.  Plus the pleats. But it was a learning experience! I also had to alter the pattern a little to make sure it fit her-also a first for me. The fit came out great-glad I made the changes! Its a Project Runway pattern.