Saturday, December 30, 2006

another one

I used a strip of some handpainted paper made by Lynette April Cooper on this one-I love the wildness of her papers-they are just so fun!

Here little birdie

Just finished this one..........just a quick stamp before lunch :)
I did the child one last night :) just real quickies, for my sanity's sake. Its been a REALLY rough couple weeks with my kids home, and very little time for myself. My two weeks have been full of headaches from screaming, fighting kids!LOL Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to Tuesday :) woohooooooo

Thursday, December 28, 2006

A little stamping today

I was able to get a little stamping done today-my kids are at our new neighbors house playing :)
I haven't had a break like this in the past 2 weeks :) Its the first time ever that we have had a neighbor boy that is Aidan's age-its SO exciting!LOL
I am not feeling all up to par today-I do have the bit of what I think is the flu-its been going around like mad. I have felt worse than this, but I am not feeling totally 100%. But alas I wanted to do I did.
More fun with my new Winged Whimsy sheet:)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fun with office supplies

I had fun doing this ATC today-I was looking through some of my drawers and found some labels and miniature paper clips, so thought I would challenge myself today and do something with them :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Had a little fun tonight

First of all, Merry Christmas to anyone who stops by my blog!!

I got to play a bit tonight while dinner was cooking!
I received the mold to my newest stamp sheet and have waited for days to play.
Here's what I did! I did 3 atc's. It was fun to stamp-its been a couple weeks since I have been able to! Hopefully now the holidays are about over I can get more stamping done :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Celebration of Sorts

Today is a day of reflection for me. Today marks 4 years since I brought my little Gillian home from a very long hospital stay. I am thinking back to the day when my water broke early that thursday morning, and the Neonatologist coming in and telling us of the many things that could be wrong with her. We were not sure what the outcome could be. Those first 4 weeks were a nightmare, full of ups and downs that we thought I would never get through. The day we were able to finally bring her home was like a dream come true. It was a day filled with tears of joy that the day had finally come. Also tears of sorrow-I became very close to many of the nursing staff through those 128 days. I have been looking through Gillians scrapbook today a little bit and just can't help but feel some emotions from that day, and the days prior. The past 4 years have been more challenging than one could ever imagine. We get going along doing good then there comes bad news. But now, the good news seems to outnumber the bad. We are getting stronger, and are more able to accept the bad things that come our way. Every thing she does is a big deal-like identifying herself. When she draws people, animals. When she sings songs. Just little things. Today I am thankful for how far she has come. The things that the neonatologist told us that day-well, none of it has happened with her, and I am ever so thankful.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Just a quick easy Xmas Card

I just finished a really quick easy Xmas card-I had to make one to go with a Secret Santa Gift I am sending off :)
Its the first Xmas card I have even done this year.........sigh. I need to sit and make some more-hopefully this weekend!

I have been working hard all week (whats new right? LOL)
I just finished a new stamp plate called Winged Whimsy-awesome! Winged Mona lisa and more-its so kewl!!

Saturday, December 2, 2006


Been doing lots today-baked 2 cakes, had someone over, did laundry, went to a "piggies and paws" party thing too. This Piggies and Paws thing was really cool-they take a print of your childs hand or foot and make it into like an animal, butterfly, etc. I did get one for each of my kids, but sheesh! I looked at the examples and just KNOW I could do this myself. In fact a friend walked in and told me straight up-she wanted ME to do it for her LOL She told me she thought of me right off. Well anyway, I will have a bit of a sample to go by. I don't have time to do the whole home party thing, nor do I want to, but I could do it for someone if they really wanted me to. I paid about $60 for both of my kids prints, including the matting. My daughter's was both hands that they will make into a butterfly, and my son wanted his foot print made into a skateboard.

I did manage to make an ATC today. I am doing a bit of different stuff-I got some hand painted paper pieces of Etsy some months ago, so I used one of them as an element on my atc here.

Friday, December 1, 2006

my creation today

I did this today- I just HAD to do something. Not sure if I am totally happy with it, but its okay. I have been meaning to do something every day, make an "appointment" with myself every day to do something. sigh. I just haven't been able to. I have had so much happening this week that I just have not had the chance :( sniff sniff

I've been tagged :)

>List 6 weird things about yourself and then list 6 people that are tagged.<

This has been tough :) LOL I really don't know if some of these are really totally unusual..........but I think so, and some of them I have been told are, at least dh thinks so!
Here goes:

1-I don't eat my cereal with milk. Has to be dry.

2-I refuse to eat mashed potatoes-never have liked them. But, I will eat baked potatoes, french fries, etc.

3- Now for an embarrassing one. I shaved my head at age 16, except for my bangs which went down to my chin. I was into punk and goth type stuff. ugh, I can't believe I just admitted that I did that LOL

4-Have to have socks on my feet when I go to bed-can't stand it when I don't have my sockies on.

5- I always park in the same spot when I go to the grocery store (for some reason its always available too!

6- Cannot eat at the dinner table with no placemats........big peeve!

I am supposed to tag 6 people and I don't know who to tag :( I am still new to all this.....