Saturday, December 2, 2006


Been doing lots today-baked 2 cakes, had someone over, did laundry, went to a "piggies and paws" party thing too. This Piggies and Paws thing was really cool-they take a print of your childs hand or foot and make it into like an animal, butterfly, etc. I did get one for each of my kids, but sheesh! I looked at the examples and just KNOW I could do this myself. In fact a friend walked in and told me straight up-she wanted ME to do it for her LOL She told me she thought of me right off. Well anyway, I will have a bit of a sample to go by. I don't have time to do the whole home party thing, nor do I want to, but I could do it for someone if they really wanted me to. I paid about $60 for both of my kids prints, including the matting. My daughter's was both hands that they will make into a butterfly, and my son wanted his foot print made into a skateboard.

I did manage to make an ATC today. I am doing a bit of different stuff-I got some hand painted paper pieces of Etsy some months ago, so I used one of them as an element on my atc here.

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