Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skullrider Assemblage

I completed this in a workshop this weekend! Such a great energy and met some new friends-a day of alll day long art making and just plain fun. I wish I had more days like this! This was a workshop called "Twisted Toys" by my friend and artist, Richard Freund. Yes, most of the elements are Toys, or parts of toys :) Normally I am not one to use skulls in my work-but I felt like it that day, and everything just seemed to go together so well :) I am thrilled with the outcome, and I loved working outside my comfort zone :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been doing art just not posting much!

I've been here, busily doing art but just haven't posted! I was working on a commission-it was a birthday present for the owner of a local AMAZING Sandwich shop.  I just delivered the piece today.  The recipient of this is out of town and I am anxious to see how he likes it. It will be on the wall of this sandwich shop that is such a hit in our town.  He is REALLY into music, hence the music theme. This Sandwich shop ALWAYS has music playing, especially lots of Reggae!  I put on Pandora radio on the Bob Marley station and worked away at this piece!

Monday, March 12, 2012

playing around with some abstracts............and my art on display :)

The past week I have been taking care of a sick little girl-she has been sick at least one week out of each month the past few months. It has gone straight to her poor little lungs. I have had to get up in the middle of the night with her to do breathing treatments, etc and let me tell ya-I have been too tired to do much of anything. With her home I can't concentrate much anyhow. I have to have total concentration-if she interrupts me I find it very difficult to get back in my "zone" so I really can't paint when she is home. I have been DYING to though! Like I think I mentioned, I am feeling a serious style change coming.  Right now, I am playing, and trying new things. This will help my growth and I know this year I will grow by leaps and bounds, because that is one of my goals this year.  Today I messed around and did some small abstracts.  Just pure play and joy-painting with my hands. Here is one of them:

Just over a week ago I attended the artist reception for the juried show I am in.  I even got my husband to go with me-imagine that (I usually end up going alone)! Here's my art on display -they had them in  display cases :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Juried into Multi Media Mini Show....plus a new adventure

I found out a couple days ago that 2 of the 3 pieces I entered into Redlands Art Association's Multi Media Mini Show have been accepted! What a thrill! I can humbly say that every time I have entered this show I have been fortunate to be juried in.  But getting that piece of mail that says that I was juried in is ALWAYS exciting.  I just love adding these shows to my art resume :) This is the 5th time I have done this particular show.  I look forward to going to the artist reception on Sunday-there is such a wonderful energy at these shows, and being able to mingle with the other artists is always a plus.  Here are the pieces they juried in:

In an effort to really get out of my comfort zone and try something new I signed up for Pam Carriker's class "Pursuing Portraits."  I have always wanted to master sketching a proportionate face, and this seemed like just the class. For my first try I didn't do too bad. I am looking forward to practicing more and also getting to paint them.