Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Stamp Images

from I Brake For Stamps

Stamp Out Naked Envelopes!

A heavily decorated envelope-all stamps from I Brake For Stamps.

Hope it makes it to Canada safely and with no delay :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Faux Postage Mona

I used the "Faux Designer Paper" technique from the Jan 2009 Technique Junkies Newsletter for this one.
Stamps used here from I Brake For Stamps :
Remember to use my code at IBFS for an additional 10% off !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And it was all yellow...........

My contribution (or one of them, I plan to do more) for the Mailmania 4 Exhibit being held in Victoria BC Canada October 8-November 8 2010 at Slide Room Gallery-Vancouver Island School of Art
I listened to the song "Yellow" by coldplay today-hence the lyrics.........it just spoke to me, don't know why!
This is a regular sized postcard.
I used acrylics, peerless watercolors, pitt pen, printed paper and collage ephemera

Art Show

Here are some of my favorite pieces (and yes, mine are here too!) that are currently in the 41st Annual Multi Media Mini Show in Redlands, Ca. There were some other pieces I wanted to get shots of but unfortunately was not able to-lots of people near that area during the reception!These pieces cannot be more than 14 1/2" -so you can get an idea of the sizes. At the reception on Sunday, I actually spoke to the jurist, a photographer ( a brilliant one , at that!) Marguerite Garth. I have to say she has amazing taste (and not just saying that because I am in the show!). This show was ALOT different this year! For one, fewer pieces were in this show than previous. And, the one thing I LOVED!!! There was SO much more Mixed Media pieces. SO unique. I was in awe. I feel very fortunate to have gotten all 3 of my pieces juried in. So many regulars who get in this show did NOT get in. When I was chatting with the jurist and she asked me if I had a piece in the show, I told her I had 3 and she giggled :) She asked which were mine and I told her and she gave me a huge compliment. I was thrilled!
See the cool teapot here with the "Blindfolded Man?" That won first place. It was awesome-and the artist (Dan Soury)was a charachter!LOL And the brightly colored abstracts there? "Emerge" and "New Eyes" are by my wonderful friend, Cindy Jones Lantier! Of course, my 2 assemblages got grouped with one of the amazing Richard Freund's assemblages!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am in!

All 3 of my art pieces were juried into the art show! yayyyyyyyyyyy! I am thrilled!

The Show is being held at Redlands Art Association Gallery and Art Center
in Redlands CA!


Its been ages since i have participated in this challenge! I needed a challenge today! I knew I wanted to do an ATC today and I remembered the 'Think Monday Think ATC' Challenge. I know I am a day late, but.......hey, better late than never right?

I created this ATC from metal tape and a couple other metal elements. The eye stamp is from this sheet over at IBFS and the flourishy one (behind the eye) is from this image.

Remember, use my code SAVE10KRISTY at I Brake For Stamps for an additional 10% off :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Entered Art Show Today

I entered a juried art show that I enter every year just this morning! Here are the entries I submitted. I am pretty happy with them. Now the waiting game-I probably won't know if I got in for several days, but fingers crossed! I have always gotten in previous years :) Normally I have only entered canvas pieces but this year I am entering a couple of assemblages. I was thrilled to have seen a friend and favorite artist, Richard Freund, at the take in for this show. He is such an inspiration and his work is just insanely cool! Ours so far was the only Assemblage art there, so good luck to both of us :) He even shared some really kewl assemblage tips with me today! I just LOVE being around other artists!

Now onto the next show! There are a couple more coming up soon that I want to enter , so I gotta get to work! Luckily I have at least a couple for one I am entering in the next couple weeks!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Totally torn-need help deciding......

So I am entering a juried art show tomorrow. I just completed one canvas (the one with the tree) and this other one. I really am torn on which one to take.............help! I really like them both..........but I am looking for the one with more "feeling"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Podcast with ME on Mixed Grill Favorites!

My dear friend and fellow artist, Cindy Lantier, did an interview with me a short time ago and it is now on her blog! I am the first interview in her series! Check it out here!


Thank you Cindy for the opportunity :)


Monday, March 1, 2010

New Stamps from I Brake For Stamps

These are from the Stampinback line at I Brake For Stamps

-I only wish these would scan better! These are MUCH better in person! I don't think these are on the site yet........

My mind goes 'round in circles and other stuff.......

I tell ya, I have just been so busy doing other things I have had little time to really do much art. I miss doing art every single day! Just seems there just has not been time to do any each day :(

I really need to get on the ball! Its amazing how life can just take over. I feel like i am so out of practice!

Here is today's journal page.......and seriously! My mind really does feel like its constantly going around in circles!

Here I used Portfolio pastels, acrylics, sumi ink, patterned mailing tape, patterned paper, ephemera and stamps from I Brake For Stamps.