Friday, December 15, 2006

A Celebration of Sorts

Today is a day of reflection for me. Today marks 4 years since I brought my little Gillian home from a very long hospital stay. I am thinking back to the day when my water broke early that thursday morning, and the Neonatologist coming in and telling us of the many things that could be wrong with her. We were not sure what the outcome could be. Those first 4 weeks were a nightmare, full of ups and downs that we thought I would never get through. The day we were able to finally bring her home was like a dream come true. It was a day filled with tears of joy that the day had finally come. Also tears of sorrow-I became very close to many of the nursing staff through those 128 days. I have been looking through Gillians scrapbook today a little bit and just can't help but feel some emotions from that day, and the days prior. The past 4 years have been more challenging than one could ever imagine. We get going along doing good then there comes bad news. But now, the good news seems to outnumber the bad. We are getting stronger, and are more able to accept the bad things that come our way. Every thing she does is a big deal-like identifying herself. When she draws people, animals. When she sings songs. Just little things. Today I am thankful for how far she has come. The things that the neonatologist told us that day-well, none of it has happened with her, and I am ever so thankful.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful and precious is she. That pic is just so adorable. Wanted to come by and wish you a happy holiday season and merry christmas...hugs :o)

belinda said...

hey sweetie! i remember that time as well. and she is so beautiful! quite a blessing, isn't it?

Christine Baier said...

Kristy, it's so wonderful that it was such a positive growth of Gillian. I can imagine what you had for sorrow at the beginning of her life. Nothing is more worse than seeing our children with suffer. Hope you can understand what I mean. I also thankful about my boys... every day again and again... It's wonderful see them grow, see their success, first love, turning into an adult and so on. Every time is a time to enjoy them.