Friday, December 2, 2011

Singer Futura Quartet

So I got yet another machine (thanks to my wonderful friend for the gift). Have had it for a couple weeks or so now, just played with it a little bit when I first got it. It does everything-stitching, serging, quilting and it also embroiders. I am not brave enough to try embroidery yet-maybe next year though!LOL I did try some free motion stitching though and that was fun :)  Looking forward to trying more. I could get very addicted to free motion stitching easily, and see how artistic I could get with that. Its gonna take alot of practice though-it looks really easy but its not quite that simple!

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Marilyn said...

You are so right, it's not that easy. I thought it would be but you really have to get the rhythm of it. I'm brand new to sewing and wanted to make little wall hanging art pieces. I love all your sewing machines and just wish I had your experience.
My husband calls my brand new Janome a door stop since I'm somewhat intimidated by sewing. LOL