Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Beautiful Pink Atlas Sewing Machine

After I saw some posts about a pink sewing machine I HAD to have one. It was just WAY too cool.

So low and behold I was perusing ebay and they happened to have a couple.  This one ended at a really cheap price so I couldn't pass it up-I just considered it my christmas and birthday present :)  I am so thrilled.  She came to me pretty dirty-she needed (and still does) some serious cleaning and a new belt, and lightbulb.  When she arrived her case was damaged and unusable (sad face). After I took her to my sewing machine repair guy he fixed her all up and she runs like a dream.  She can sew through layers amazingly!!  I think she is just awesome. I am not sure of the exact year she was made-all I know is its from the 50's.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

This is beautiful!!!I love it!! Happy New Year!!!

Dorthy of Texas said...

I went to a Treadle On Gathering this weekend and came home with a pink Atlas like yours! Yea! but I can't find where there is a light so don't know about the light bulb.