Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to my Collage roots :)

So I know I mentioned in a previous post that I was trying to get away from collage. sigh. Trying was the key word.  Truth is, I just can't. Its kinda where I began, and it runs thick in my blood. I have ALWAYS adored Randel Plowman's work and I recently picked up his book and it just inspired me to do it. After all, I have LOADS of ephemera and collage supplies. So I gotta use them, right? 
So in an effort to do art today I was drawn to collage.  Actually most stuff I do, even if its a miniscule piece, always has a collage twist.  I have not dug through my tub of ephemera and it was fun to pull it out and explore it once again. I was drawn to the flamingos-they screamed at me to be used today. I love pink flamingos and they have been on my mind alot lately as I have been seeing those pink plastic ones lately-you know, the ones you stick in your yard? My grandfather used to have some and I always as really crazy about them. In fact over the weekend I told my husband I wanted some :) LOL!!!!
Vintage papers, gouache, tissue, graphite and gesso on watercolor paper

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Kelly said...

if you get some pink flamingos in your yard..you will definitely have to post a picture.