Thursday, May 31, 2012

Washi Tape to the rescue!

I have quite a bit of Washi tape-got it to use in my art journals. But lately I just haven't been doing any art journaling.  I made a couple of Dry Erase Boards out of picture frames, for my daughter's teacher and aide as thank you's. They just needed more-the black frame just wasn't cutting it for me! Then I remembered my Washi tape! Soooooo glad I have it on hand! It fit just right into the grooves of the frame to add the finishing touch! These are 5x7 in size and will just sit on a desk top. I hope they like them :)


Kelly said...

Oh I love this idea...thanks for the share on this one Kristy!

Lucia13 said...

wanna pin it,amazing

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