Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Climbing Mount Everest

So for the past 4-6 weeks I have felt like I am climbing Mount Everest.  Some things in life have just taken their toll and I have landed flat on my back.  I hate dealing with the "D" word. Its something I have even avoided talking about until the last few days. Reality has hit.  I suffer from the D word. sigh. It runs in my family so its pretty inevitable anyway. I have been in denial about it for some time. But its time to face it.  I am facing this head on and I am going to fight it to the death.  Each day may be small victories, but I will fight this.  The only thing I really REALLY miss right now is my artistic muse. She has gone, and has been replaced by a fog. I sit and have loads of great ideas. Once I stand in front of paper or canvas, it goes blank.  Its the WORST! But I still "show up", draw some stuff in my Moleskine, and collect art supplies, so when the "sun" returns I will be ready to go. I try to rejoice in each day's small victories. I look back at my day and count all the things I accomplished (even though they aren't really art related at all).  As if its not lonely enough with the "D" word, I tend to isolate myself. And it sucks not having any family nearby. So I do this...........alone.


Laura said...

Sorry to hear of your struggles. But it seems like you know exactly how to go about your day, counting your blessings and not letting it beat you. At the risk of sounding like a dr, which I am not, I did hear a segment on the news the other day that determined that a walk in the park seemed to do wonders for you and for those with other challenges too. Apparently you don't even have to enjoy the walk in the park...not around the city block, but in a park, to get the benefits. It could be a cold miserable day outside and you'd still reep the effects. Soooo....just thought I'd share what I heard. Plus the fact that it has nothing to do with taking a pill.
Good luck, hang in there and bless you.

Mandy said...

you are not alone chicken big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kersten said...

I don't know what the D word is, but Kristy - imagine how good it feels to get to the top of Everest and how much easier the climb down can be! :) Hang in there!