Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Timpani Collage

The past week I have been so busy-helping my mom with my brother's affairs out of state.  I couldn't believe there was so much to do.  I have been mentally and emotionally spent.  Once I got home, I pretty much fell apart.  Today I have actually felt more at peace, and felt up to doing a little art. So, i decided to do a collage and since I have had percussion on my mind, I decided to use an image of a Timpani, which my brother played for the Symphony.  I dusted off my Gocco printer and made a screen of Timpani to use as the focal image. In addition to the Gocco print, I used vintage papers, gesso, watercolor, pencil, tissue and a dry transfer letter. I know its not the straightest photo, but you get the idea :)


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Kristy's Musings
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Kelly said...

sorry to read about the loss of your brother.