Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jean-Michel Basquiat -My Art Hero

I have found myself wanting to blog about my new favorite artist, Jean Michel Basquiat.
A friend of mine had recently watched the documentary, The Radiant Child.  Curious, I checked it out on Netflix.  Needless to say, a month or even less later, I have watched this obsessively probably nearly 20 times. I have read a biography about him, as well as watched Julian Schnabel's movie "Basquiat."   I have never had an artist's work impact me as much as his.  I know that one day, when I see his actual work in person, I am going to stand in front of it and bawl my eyes out. 
His story and vision amaze me.  He had a horribly sad ending to his life (overdosed on heroin).
I cannot imagine the pressure he had at such a young age. His art speaks to me like no other-it is so raw and I just love that. He listened to music, TV and always had reading material around when he made art. That is what I do. I love how he did what he wanted -he didn't want to be told what kind of art to create. He totally didn't tolerate that at all.  His vision, to me, is exactly as an artist's vision should be. About creating what YOU want, not what anyone else wants.  He is my art hero!!!

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Kelly said...

often your pictures depect my mood. just dropping by to say HI! i have a few pics up from my mud run