Friday, April 27, 2012

Drawing for hours....

Over the past month or so I have spent hours upon hours drawing.........everything! Images around the house, still lifes, and faces.  I have not been brave enough to show anything here, but I have been proud of my progress. Even my husband has been impressed, and it takes alot for him to comment on things or be impressed at anything.  Lets just say he is a "man of few words."
Anyway I am pretty happy with the face I drew today, so I thought I would share it.  I added a stick of charcoal at the end and I wish I hadn't but thats okay, I am still pleased with the outcome.
I used to draw very well as a child, but it stopped there.  It has taken me lots of patience to start drawing, and to get past the whole "I can't draw" thing.  Because of how devoted I have been , I have conquered that fear.  I am past hearing that ugly "I can't draw" voice in my head.  I am actually really enjoying myself. I look forward to painting some of the things I am drawing.........just gotta do a little more before I take that leap!

Drawing is 9x12 in size. Image is MUCH better in real life-it looks more washed out in the photo to me :(

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Cath Wilson said...

Kristy, that's great! Well done, you - I'm impressed. I'm about to start drawing again, too, so you've inspired me xxx