Saturday, June 7, 2008

Be Brave

In this one I did I basically am telling myself to be be honest and straightforward. To just get it out!!!

Today was fun-we went to our local Cherry Festival-here where we live there are lots of cherry orchards and the Cherry Festival is always the kick off. I screwed up my REALLY good eating habits today by Eating something I HAD to have-I will probably be paying for it the rest of the week in laziness, but trust me, it was so worth it!LOL
Chocolate dipped Cheesecake on a stick! It doesn't get better than that! It was worth it to go to the festival just for that! Then I went back later to see the 80's band "Berlin" play! So cool! I got some good shots-I darn near went deaf in the process as I was right next to the speaker, but it was worth it. LOL
Again, for me, its about being brave. Taking Risks. Thats not something I would normally do either :)

I am tired. I hope I did enough walking today that I walked those calories from the Cheesecake off LOL


Anonymous said...

Ok...I think I just gained a pound looking at that cheesecake!

How awesome...Berlin!! What a treat!

A Note From The Queen said...

Oh yum! Yeah, so worth it LOL Great art too!

Anonymous said...

Kristy, love the "Be Brave" page!!! Oh well, there are times that you got to splurge! Life too short not to enjoy a few good things in life.

Joy Logan said...

What a wonderful saying,I must remind myself of that,or the little girl in me. Great blog love the colors.

Cory said...

The number 13 is found a lot in my art. Usually see it everyday...and there it was on your "be brave".

Thank you for the nice comment to "the crow" Glad you liked it.