Monday, June 16, 2008

This morning was utter chaos

So what better theme to do my page for today?

I took Gilly to the first day of summer school.......OMG!!! The teacher was unprepared-according to his roster there were supposed to be only 8 kids in the class, when all actuality there were close to 20. It was noisy and unorganized. I ended up staying there for an hour. The teacher told me that he was not even able to get into the class until this morning at like 5am-so I don't think he really knew WHAT to do today. I realize its really not all his fault.

The teacher told me a bunch of stuff off the record-and don't ask me why but he kept grabbing my hand and holding it LOL It wasn't like in a perverted way, I think the poor guy was overwhelmed LOL

He kept calling Gillian by the wrong name-the girl's name he was calling her is a bus rider. So, I gotta be sure I get there to make sure Gilly is not loaded on the bus!LOL


Sandy said...

Great page. Poor guy, he does sound like he was a bit overwhelmed today. Is this his first teaching job? From 8 students to 20? I'd be scared too. I hope tomorrow is better.

Wanda H said...

Love this page, Kristy!!! Wow, what a day... wow.