Sunday, June 15, 2008

Marbled Paper Journal

I was itching to bind yet another journal. I am not done with my other one, but at the rate I am going, I will be needing another one in no time. So, while Gillian was napping I took advantage and had my creative time.

I LOVE this paper. Its my two favorite colors-purple and blue marbled with black and gold.I always forget about the large amount of beautiful handmade papers that are hiding in my closet-I felt this was a good chance to use some, so I jumped on it when I saw this beautiful paper. I am also including a pic to show the binding-hopefully you can see it. Its black, it blends in with the spine that is also black-but in person it looks fabulous. I wanted to include beads but the beads were too small to fit on the thread, so maybe next time :)

Something happened this week that I wanted to share. One of the things I have been nervous about (thanks for art therapy helping me get through my anxious times) is my Gillian......again.Whats new, right? Something is always going on with her! She is now going onto first grade.........she has been in a special ed class-mostly due to needing a smaller class size, and she has some developmental delays. Well for first grade, she is going to an entirely different school, and she is going into a regular ed class, because they are making some big changes. I have been nervous because I have had no answers from the people I had called-luckily, the principal of the school was my son's Kindergarten teacher-so she has known Gilly her whole life, and also about the challenges she has faced. She was also the preschool director. This all has been a real blessing. She assures me she will be taken care of, and in a situtation that will benefit everyone involved. This is SCARY. She will be there allllll day. I worry that she won't go to class once she sees the playground equipment, etc. How will I know she will be where she should? And what about her lunch-is she going to sit and eat it or just go play?? YIKES!! Well, I also know the yard duty folks. I already got to talk to one of them and made her promise me she would keep an eye on her for me. The school Gillian WOULD have been going to before these changes were made did not sound too good-this was from people who worked with the teacher herself. I was stressed beyond belief-I wondered how I would get out of that. So these changes seem to be good. I just need to have more faith-everything seems to have a way of working out.

Above is Gillian, enjoying a Shake from Ruby's diner. I love that picture.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous marbled paper. It is the kind that needs to be shown to the world on a journal or piece of art.

Kristy, try to not worry about Gillian and the upcoming school year too much. I know that is easier said than done. It sounds as though there are those that will be watching out for her and I think she will be fine. Adorable picture!!

purplepaint said...

Hi Kristy - I love this! I'm tagging you, check my blog for details. It's been cut down to 3 things and 3 tags..... :) Marva

Callee said...

Do you sell your art work and your journal covers? I really like your stuff. I enjoy reading your blog.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Kristy-The picture of Gillian is darling! She is growing up so fast-she is beautiful! I think that school will be much harder on you than her! Gorgeous paper!
hugs, chris