Friday, June 20, 2008


Photos of myself, that is. That's what this page is about that I did today.
Lots o' stuff on this page:
Pics of me of course, ink, calligraphy ink. black gesso, misc. handpainted papers, electrical tape, old text, graphite, acrylics and water soluble crayons.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome page!!! The photos of you are fantastic! Love the color and images!

Vianna said...

I enjoy visiting your blog - and I find your art inspirational. It would be even better 9for me anyway) if you gave sizes for some of the pieces in order to better put everything into perspective - also some info on the products you use would also be appreciated by this novice. Keep up the creative work - it's always beautiful!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

I love this-just a great piece with awesome colors. Your photo is fantastic-mine always look like a dorky alien face!!! LOL!
chris p

Ginger said...

Wow i love your art awesome!
Im checking out all your blog so far i LOVE IT! You put your heart into each picture i feel each thing your trying to say by the way can i have that ice cream LOL cute little girl!

kathj said...

Love your blog you have some beautiful work on it!