Thursday, January 11, 2007

Upcoming Art Show Prep and venting

Some folks know this, but I have the opportunity to have some of my artwork at a museum and drop off is the 21st :) Just found out yesterday so I am working on some stuff to take. This is very exciting for me as I never imagined I would ever be doing something like this. This is thanks to an old friend that found me online and I showed her some of my work and she recommended it and has helped me out in this area.
Will post some work as I get it done. I am part way done with 2 things, so I am hoping to finish those soon then work on a 3rd. I am able to enter up to 3 pieces. These are all mixed media collages I am doing, on a small scale. Today I got out my carving tools, did a little carving and stamped it into some polymer clay. It came out nicely. I smudged some gold leaf on the raised areas and it looks very cool.

Now for my venting. Totally not art related but I have to get this out.
So my last several weeks have been fabulous. Gillian recently started Preschool in the afternoons and has been having a hard time adjusting. Its been suggested that she has something called "Sensory Integration Dysfunction" and I have done lots of reading up on this the past year and a half and I do believe she has it as well. I need to see about getting her diagnosed but have been dragging my feet in hopes that things may improve. Sometimes it seems that she is , other times it doesn't. Now I am thinking I just need to get it done.
She is very inattentive, extra hyper, sensitive to certain noises, fabrics, likes the dark, and is all about routine (overly). Other things too, those are just a few things. Its hard, dealing with it day after day after day. It gets tiring emotionally too. I deal with it the best way I can.
Anyway I have been SO happy, until this afternoon. Something just struck a nerve. I was talking to the teacher and it just sounds like she is not adjusting well and frankly its just been rough for me this afternoon. I am trying to be optimistic that things will work out. For some reason I am blaming myself. I am trying to figure out if there is something I have done to cause all this. But at the same time, its normal for ex-Preemies, especially those born as early as Gillian, to have. Even her Speech therapist thinks she has it, and has a son who has had this. It can be overcome through occupational therapy and lots of help. Gillian is supposed to be enrolled in this new class at her preschool-its actually a county class for those with special needs. I was really sort of against her going in it until just this afternoon. Now I think the one on one and less kids in the class might benefit her. I put a call in to the office and talked to the receptionist-we know each other and I was able to vent to her. She told me not to worry. I have a call in to the school psychologist, as she is supposed to do an eval. on Gillian to get her in this class and now I am anxious to get it done.
I am surprised I have not broke down and cried. Sometimes I just have these kind of days with Gillian...........its been a long haul. For the most part things are good, but sometimes I am hit with some things I have to deal with and this is one of them :( I just wish it wasn't happening right now, with all the other things I am doing. At the same time though, as therapeutic as art is maybe it is a good time. I dunno :(


Debi Wind said...

Bless your heart Kristy! I think that sometimes when we are having to be strong every day to face issues that once in awhile we have to vent our feelings...whether they are good or bad. There is nothing wrong with it. Don't feel that you have done something wrong because you haven't. You have overcome insurmountable odds with Gillian and she is so lucky to have you as a mother. It takes special people to face the every day challenges and you are one of those special people. You can vent to us anytime! Hang in there! We all love you and are here for you!


julieOTR said...

Kristy I came across your blog, just surfing my favorite areas. I'm an Occupational Therapist although this area is not my specialty I have to agree that our service, through your school system would help your Gillian. Please do not feel this was your fault. This sensory dysfunction is also seen in full term children.
With therapy and time Gillian will be fine. It might take some work, maybe some tears but in the end well worth every minute spent.
I wish you and Gillian the best of luck. Oh, and by the way, its okay to cry. I too have a disabled child so I understand the tears.