Friday, January 19, 2007

Crow Collage

I just finished this one. I LOVE this!! So much better in person though! I painted the crow transfer with Omni Gel so it looks totally handpainted-VERY cool effect. I painted it twice , letting it dry in between the coats so its extra textured. Its awesome. I think I will be taking this one on Sunday to the drop off for the show.
He is 12x12 in size on a chunky canvas. Lots of vintage papers here, acrylics, etc. This was a fun one to do!

I am feeling better today. I am getting through to people at Gillian's school now. I talked to the occupational therapist about getting Gillian some help and FINALLY they are going to meet with me next week. Apparently the referral got lost or something. The good thing about this OT is that she used to work at a Sensory Integration Dysfunction clinic so she is well aware of treatment for this. I am happy. Now I just have to make sure they DO meet with me next week!

What a relief.


KellyKilmer said...

Love love love the crow collage.
Glad to hear that things are slowlyyyy working out with Gillian and the OT.
Keep up the rockin' artwork!!!

Kylie said...

Looks really great, Kristy!

It's good to hear you are making some progress with Gillian, too.

Laura said...

Oh another crow fan, love the picture and wish you the best of luck with your entries in the Museum show.