Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Blue Heart

"Blue Heart" is the name I gave my collage/painting. The birdie has a blue heart-which unfortunately is the way I am feeling at the moment :(
I started him yesterday, and just finished him other than a nice coating of some matte or gloss medium. I normally do not draw, but I did draw him -this is a first for me. Added some small collage elements and the background is stamped. I am happy with how he came out. This is 6x6 on a stretched canvas.


christine said...

Oh Kristy -- your crow is beautiful!!! Blue heart and all... Love this piece!

mizcarla said...

I agree w/ Christine--he is beautiful! YOU*GO*GIRL!


Anonymous said...

Before i even read the entry for this i could just 'feel' this piece and could tell there was emotion in it. Does that make sense? :o) Anyways....i love it.

Violetswalk said...

This is truly a wonderful piece! Your birdie drawing is great! I hope creating this helped you feel better!

Amber said...

Really nice!...I like the crow and the background too!
Just beautiful!
:0) Amber H.

KellyKilmer said...

I love it, Kristy!! That is awesome!!
It's very beautiful and emits a good feeling to it!!!