Sunday, January 28, 2007


Here's me at the awards. Remember, not feeling too well, and I hate pictures anyway!LOL
This is my "Hurry up and take the picture" smile. I am not liking my digital camera lately. It plain stinks! Notice the kewl little gold seal thingies next to my two paintings that indicate my awards :) Aren't they kewl?
The ceremony was just amazing. She had me up there in front of everyone a loooooooooooong time, explaining how I won this purchase award and how she was lucky to have one of my paintings (thats how I was introduced LOL). It was very flattering. What was even more surreal were people walking up to me telling me how they liked MY work. MY WORK!!!!! How awesome is that? It was just ..................nuts!! The art association would like me to put on a class too! Now how awesome is that? Wow. Me? Teach a class????
I got my stuff to sign up for the art association, and then I am going to take some stuff into the gallery to sell. woohooooooooooooooo!! I met some very cool people tonight.
Now I am rambling because quite frankly I feel really crappy, my body has been fighting off something but I think it has taken hold . ugh!
I gotta go eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup!

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Babsarella said...

How FABULOUS you look with your award!!! Congrats on the award and being asked to teach!