Saturday, January 6, 2007

Collage for the day

I just got some of Outside the Margin's fabulous Color Mists, so had to play. What better day to get these-its right on my birthday :) woohoooooo!!
Anyway, did a collage piece using some background tissue created with these. And of course, had to use the Winged Whimsy stamps-can't get enough of them!

Also got accepted into MMCA, so what a great day its been !

Tonight I am going to go chow down at Macaroni Grill, one of my favorite restaurants! woohooooo!!


audrey said...

Kristy....happy, happy birthday. This piece is gorgeous. Those colors just pop out...i love them.

Rande said...

Kristy, You did a beautiful job with the inks. I've been wanting to try them, but never enough time. Hope you had a great Birthday.

TBlue said...
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kelly said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
Love your drawings -all of your artwork!! Be proud!
Love the face drawing on the above post!!! Keep it up!!
(sorry for the deleted comment-google wouldn't log me in and then when it did, it was under my son's blog account!!)