Friday, January 26, 2007


Not too much to blog about the past couple days! I am still having to pinch myself about this art show thing, and I have been dealing with Gillian's stuff too. Wednesday was tough-I went and observed the new "Special" class that she will be put in, and I had some teary moments. But I am feeling okay about it now. Its just accepting it all. But it is the best thing for her as there will be more one-on-one. and the teacher is just fantastic! She needs more one on one to help her with her sensory issues, and the occupational therapist will be there as well. I also signed the assessment form for the Occupational Therapist to observe her, etc. So at least the ball is rolling. Got Gillian in to see the Neurologist who specializes in this stuff too. So, life is good.

Today is the day! I am heading down to the museum to see the art on the wall for myself. I am still in disbelief. I have to keep pulling out the envelope!LOL

I am going to try to take pics. I am not sure if they let cameras in there or not!

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