Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Got Bernie's new book

and Ohhhhhhhhh my goodness. Its just awesome! I ordered it for myself for my B-day coming up. I love the techniques she has in this book! I have tried many of them before, but I always seem to forget about these. I had forgotten all about the Nevr Dull sitting in my drawer. I LOVED playing with it and seeing it used in this book made me go get it out again.
I am in absolute heaven having Gillian in preschool in the afternoons rather than the morning. I am able to get all my work done in the mornings so that when she goes to school I can have a couple hours to myself. Before, I was rushing to get my work done in the mornings while she was gone, then when she got home I never got any time for myself. So this has worked out just great!
Anyway, I did do a couple ATCs today, using some techniques in Bernie's book. If you don't have it-RUN out and get it! You won't regret it :)
Now off to order some more Golden Acrylics...........I am running low on some colors and can't get enough of that Diarylide yellow!

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Anonymous said...

Oh nice work dear these are wonderful!!! and oh more goldens!! my all time fav!!! have a lot and love them can't wait to see new stuff!!! thanks for sharing!! hugs Linda