Tuesday, March 25, 2008

thank you

Thank you for the kind comments about my recent post about taking a break :)
I am getting back on track..........changed my diet completely.........got through my hump of giving up the pepsi and the sugar and am eating about every couple hours to keep my blood sugar up. I have a ton more energy now and my brain doesn't feel fuzzy anymore! It is still hard walking past the chocolate and cookies and all at the store.......its taking some MAJOR willpower to not put them in the cart. I am back at the gym too, and in a week I already lost 5 pounds. I am not severely overweight but for me, I am a little and I don't like it. I am just amazed at how sugar just made me drag like it did..........ugh!! Hypoglycemia is just the pits. What scares me more, though, is getting diabetes. I don't want it!

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Wanda H said...

I'm so proud of you, Kristy!!! You are so much stronger than me :-))