Sunday, March 9, 2008

Juried Art Show Submissions

Thought I would share the art I submitted today for a juried art show.

I had two picked but was torn between two other pieces for my third. I asked a group of artists I admire and they helped me choose the third piece, which was "Solace" that I had created back in Oct/Nov. I just went with the majority :)
Anyway, fingers (and toes!) crossed that I get in this show! :) Now the most agonizing part of all this.........waiting! I HATE waiting!!LOL I guess I will just have to stuff my face with my favorite, Cadbury Mini Eggs while I wait........sigh...........
My favorite FAVORITE piece California Girl. I put SO MUCH work into this one, and she came out better than I imagined :) I started this piece about a year ago, and lost interest, so I set her aside. Picked her up again last week and finished her. I am glad I did :)
I figured out this piece probably took me about 18 hours to complete.........possibly more.
Next one, Wayland's Watching (which I had the contest to name him, remember?)
Third one, Solace.
All pieces are on canvas.
Something else fun today, at Take-In at the show, I met Cindy, one of my blog readers :)
Nice to meet you, Cindy!


Anne, Bulles dorées said...

the last canvas is absolutly gorgeous !!! j'adore !!!!!!!!!

Wanda H said...

You didn't say how long you have to wait. All 3 are fabulous!!!

thealteredpage said...

Good luck Kristy. All three pieces are so varied in style and they all are exceptional as well. Really amazing. Hard to figure out which one is my "favorite"

Inka said...

Each piece is so impressive! You should sweep the entire show!

JACKIE M said...

All three are fantastic,couldnt pick a favourite,Best of luck to you =0)

Mary S Hunt said...

good luck!!!

Viola said...

Fabulous work, Kristy!!