Tuesday, March 11, 2008

no art for a few days :(

I had meant to do some art yesterday but alas, I was so nervous yesterday and trying to get some things done. Today is Gillian's ear surgery. My nerves are just awful today! I know its SO routine and they do these probably every day, but with all she's been through in her life, one thing is she has never "gone under" before. Its some psychological thing, going under. Plus, her surgery is at 11:30, so by the time the surgery rolls around she will be over 12 hours without any food or drink. ACK!! I am taking a bag loaded with her favorite snacks so when she wakes up she can pick whatever she wants.
Thought I would get some artsy stuff done this morning but I am just shaking! The pepsi I drank is probably not helping!

Send us some good thoughts today!


Becky said...

Kristy, you and Gillian are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm trusting that everything will turn out well. Big hugs for you both.

Sarah said...

Kristy In my thoughts today
*hugs* Sarah xx