Thursday, March 6, 2008

My humble beginnings at collage art

I have been thinking about recently about the first collage I ever did (years ago!). I still have it, and have it framed. I remember how excited I felt when I finished it. I even got it juried into an online art show! This is an 8x10 on watercolor paper. I still love it, to this day. I took it out and scanned it to share today, since I did no art today. I have a terrible sinus headache and have been running around all day :( Bought some new art stuff today but just no time to use them, darn it! Ah well........I think a break is okay, because I have been doing loads of art lately!

I am torn at the moment......I have 4 nice looking collages on canvas here for the art show, and can only take 3. I know 2 that I am definitely taking, so I am now having to choose between the other two. ugh! I wish I could take all 4 to make it easier. I love them all!

So far have gotten some input but its about 50/50. That makes it harder!LOL


Wanda H said...

Kristy, what fun to have your first collage and to reminisce. It's a wonderful collage. I know you'll make the right decision for the art show and everything will go great!!

Passionforstamping said...

This is a wonderful collage as is all of your art!

Sanja said...

your first collage is absolutely wonderful!!:0)

sue simpson said...

The artwork you have been sharing is out of this world fantastic!!

I love it all! Especially, solace.

Femmy said...

Your first collage is absolutely fantastic!!!