Sunday, March 2, 2008

lots of art lately!

and you know what...........I am exhausted! Mentally, mostly! I have several pieces for the art show-I have two picked and need to pick one more but I am sort of I have asked a few friends to give me their opinions on the others, and what THEY think I should take.
I finished one yesterday but I am not ready to share it on my blog yet. And, I still need to name that one collage piece too-but my poor brain is so tired that I need to give it a rest.
Thanks to everyone who has given me the name suggestions-they are SO cool! Its going to be hard to pick, but that is something I want to get done tomorrow :)
Wish i had some art to share today, but I can't show it yet........this week I should be able to do some more fun , not so serious stuff. I like to do non-serious and I think it will be good for me this week!

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Mary-Beth said...

Can't wait to see what it is!

Check my blog, there's something there for you!! heeheee