Monday, May 28, 2007

We rode an Elephant!

My family went to the Orange Show today and I was REALLY looking forward to riding an Elephant, once I found out they had them there. This was the highlight of my whole day-it was SO kewl!


Kylie said...

Wow, how cool, Kristy!

Athabascan said...

I can see a scrap page comimg out of this and maybe a painting!!!
How did Gilly like it? And Aidan?
Looks like great family fun

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kristy!! I bet that was cool to do. How did the kids do and did they enjoy themselves? It is good that you got out and had a family day!

holly said...

That's so groovy!!! I've ridden on a water buffalo. I'd love to ride on an elephant though. too cool. Oh yeah, consider yourself tagged!!! You package is going out today. Hugs.

belinda said...

ooooh, you all look sooo cool on this elephant!! and the flower garland looks to beautiful. something to put on my to-do-list! love your latest collage pieces.