Friday, May 4, 2007

Running over canvas boards

Aidan and I had a blast today running over a canvas board with the car today! We painted one of the tires purple -boy I am sure my neighbors thought I was clearly nuts. Now we have paint in the street, as well as still on my tire. LOL

After that, we got his bike out (ohhhhhh I LOVE the look of the bike tires!), and did the same with the bike. Now it has me thinking what other things we can use to run over canvas with-hows about the lawn mower and rototiller? hmmmmmmmmmm-that muse is working now!

I know that some other folks have done this recently-but honestly, I have wanted to do this for AGES!!!! I can imagine my poor car tires will be stained with different colors of paint.............LOL

Heck, I don't care!LOL


Andrea said...

Not only do I love the effects on the canvas, it is hilarious imagining you driving around with one painted tire! :D

Anonymous said...

Only you Kristy!-kaitemc

MarilynH said...

LOL!!! funny but very effective!! I have always wanted to have a cat walk over a piece with painted paws!

Monique said...

Whoohoo what a fun idea! Love that!
Love this blog too;))

vintagecollage said...

What color tire do you have this week?

Kristy you have been tagged, see my blog for the details.


netha said...

Wow I just love this, This tells me what I will do this afternoon.
Thanks for the idea.