Sunday, May 20, 2007

I've been tagged! 7 Random Facts

Okay, I am REALLY late with this-sorry! A couple folk have tagged me for this and my brain this week has just been either busy or dead !LOL

I have thought about this and here goes:
1-I won a coloring contest with the local paper at the age of 8
2-have played the piano since age 6
3-I was in the elementary school band and played the clarinet
4-I wrote a short story that got published in the local paper at around age 7
5-I have two brothers, which are both 15+ years older than me.
6-I LOVE to cook!
7-I have a hard time finding shoes, because my feet are so narrow!

Lets I tag:
Aileen, Marilyn H , Kelly B, Lonecrowart (Laura), Debby Boltman, Debby H, Audrey H.

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MarilynH said...

I saw that you tagged me a little while ago. hee hee. I recently did this one so you can go see on my blog. Thanks for thinking of me!

Oh, and I just tagged you! hee hee