Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun with Magazine Page Images

I signed up for a swap with a group I am on, and it was to "try something new" that you have not done before. I did some acrylic paint backgrounds-I have done similar but not exactly like this-and I stamped them with images coated with Gesso.

Next I tried something else new to me-magazine images. Talk about going out of my comfort zone! I have sweated this.......but I am starting to relax and enjoy it.
Its definitely feeling good to do a little bit of art today-all week I have been so swamped! I have taken a 3 day weekend, I was so tired and needed a break.
I had a great day yesterday-I dropped my art off for the National Orange Show. I met a man who is an awesome "Outsider Artist" and is the chairman of this entire art show. He was such an inspiration to me. It was like a breath of fresh air meeting him and after I met him I felt a huge burst of energy. I have been a bit discouraged with the Art Association I have joined. Its VERY traditional, and I feel like such an outcast. Not to say I should be doing what they are, but I feel like because I don't do what they do, like they think I am weird or something. I do what I feel. I have NEVER taken a class and honestly, I am proud to say I have taught myself everything I know. I go with the flow. I keep trying new things (even though sometimes I am WAY out of my comfort zone). Anyway, when I was dropping off my art, He stared at my work for a while. He asked if I had to leave right away, and of course I said no. He took me out to his car and showed me some of his work. Its SO awesome. He used Acrylic Caulk from the Hardware store-he, like me, LOVES texture in his work. He uses VERY inexpensive supplies and found objects. It was refreshing to have found someone in this art association who thinks alot like ME!!! I can't tell you what that meant. I needed that. I have been sort of feeling artistically dry lately-I have kept doing some small projects, but this guy inspired me to keep going. He told me to! "keep up what you are doing" he said. VERY cool. I even emailed him to let him know how much he inspired me yesterday, and how honored I was to meet him. I hope that didn't look too goofy LOL
And, something cool yesterday-I met a REAL Monk! He was from Thailand. Kinda funny though-before I was introduced to him, He was introduced to my new friend I just spoke of. Naturally they shook hands. Then I was up-I reached out my hand to shake his and he would not get near me. It puzzled me. Then the translator told me he could not touch me-Monks do not touch women!LOL I felt SO embarrassed-I didn't know that. Oh well, that was my history lesson for the day!LOL

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Anonymous said...

Kristy, love the art you did. That is so neat that you met someone whose art you enjoyed seeing and that enjoy talking with the artist. I hope that you keep doing the art you do and never give it up!!