Friday, May 18, 2007

Angel-A Work in Progress

This Cemetary Angel photo really spoke to me-it is a work in progress. I started it over a week ago, and set it aside and now it sits, waiting for me to get inspiration to finish it. The Angel is a transfer directly to canvas-you all know how I am a nut about doing transfers. I LOVE them. I can't get enough of doing alllllllll kinds of transfers. For some reason the peeled paint effect was calling to me too-I haven't done that technique in AGES. For some reason it seemed so perfect for this piece. At the top and bottom I have collaged a piece of border like stuff from a vintage magazine-I really liked it. As it sits now, I need to find the inspiration to finish. I know it will come, in time. I have another piece in the works also, and as of today, it sits unfinished. I am not doing too much today-I did get many packages out today (my newest bird sheet #2) and had my hair done but its hot today and I just feel kind of tired. I think I will lay my butt down on the couch and read a while, I am too tired to do much else :)

The boys are going to the movies tonight, leaving Gilly and me home by ourselves. I want to do something with her-maybe I will go off my diet tonight (Yes, I am on a diet!LOL) and get a Coldstone. That seems like a girly thing to do. Then I will have to work off that ice cream next week at the gym!LOL. I really don't have a whole lot of weight to loose-5-7 lbs is it, but I do want to loose it-my jeans are a wee bit tight :)

OH! I am really kind of excited. We have a deaf couple that live across the street and they have 2 daughters-one day when I was showing one of my canvases to my dear neigbor, one of the daughters mentioned that her dad is an artist. So I did briefly chat with him yesterday and he told me he does acrylics and mixed media-I am looking forward to seeing his work. Exciting to have a fellow artist across the street :)


Anonymous said...

Kristy, wow the angel is awesome start. I love the peeled paint. I can't wait to see how it is finished!

Debbi B said...

Hi Kristy - Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment - now I have found yours! Your angel piece is intriguing (and so different from the bright cheery heart canvas)- I'll be really interested to see what else you do with this. I am not brave enough to post works in progress yet. Debbi B

easyjourney said...

OMGosh that angel is just lovely! Love the peeling effect. I love cemetery angels and yours is hauntingly beautiful! TFS xxoo Astrid