Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh CRAP! (Literally!) LOL

Kinda funny..........I decided to start working on a collage today. I am needing to do another one by this weekend and my poor muse has gone missing, so thought I would just start something, despite the fact I just don't feel like doing anything. I got my canvas covered in old book pages.........I pop it outside in the hot sunlight to speed dry it, and left to go get Aidan at school knowing I would be back and it would be ready for the next step when I got home. Well, ahem, not only was it all set to go when I got home, I came to find a little birdie pooped on it LOL
Sheesh! Oh well, it looks like an old coffee splatter or something........I am going to do a light gesso over this anyway, but I just thought it was sort of funny :) LOL


Andrea said...

I think that means good luck! :D Here's to hoping anyway! :D

Kelly Kilmer said...

you can remove it gently with a baby wipe ... i use the alcohol kind.. .gently being the key word