Friday, June 22, 2007

I am back!

I am back from visiting my folks for a few days. I had meant to come back on Thurs but I just didn't feel like driving back-so drove back today instead.

I am a bit tired from the drive but other than that, I feel great. I feel re-energized and excited to have had a few days to just chill :)

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Gina Jrel's Art studio and gallery. She is a local S. Utah artist and I just adore her work. She is awesome too! Such a free spirit, and I love her attitude :)

Anyway, I took a few pics and wanted to share :) I first happened upon her work a couple years ago when visiting a local gallery there. It just knocked my socks off, and ever since, I have kept up to date with what she's been doing . As soon as I found out she opened her studio I KNEW I had to go check it out.


belinda said...

Wowza, her studio looks awesome!! Definitely a free talented spirit. Love it all. Glad you had a great time and sooo happy to see G grad pictures :)

Artist Gina Jrel said...

Hey Kristy...
Gina J here....
Thanks for posting your comments and photos of my painting studio on your fun website. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to my studio, and thank you for stopping in.

Best of luck with your work!

Gina Jrel

Artist Gina Jrel said...
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