Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I am just finishing this one up-This one took loads of time. Originally I transferred a tree to a canvas-but in the end I painted it in myself. First time doing something like this freehand!

I collaged the little birds on and the "ground" is old dictionary papers. Its all acrylics, texture galore and neocolor crayons.


Kylie said...

Oh I really like this! The texture, the colours, the tree - wow! I think it looks wonderful!

Kelly said...

awesome piece! It came out beautiful...told you it would! :o)

cathy said...

Wow it came out beautiful. You did a great job on the tree. Well, you did a great job on everything. Maybe make it into some rubber stamps :)
I also have to say I love the crow from the other post you did. You are doing a great job at your art

Kelly Kilmer said...

Beautiful beautiful