Friday, March 30, 2007

My day

Its been a long one to say the least! I have been pressing loads of rubber today. Then one of the two of my machines sort of died so I had to order the part. Its just the switch so it will be an easy fix for my husband once we get the part in. It should be about a week till we get the part.

So, its longer work days for me :( As busy as I am at the moment I will have to work tomorrow as well........I have a very large order to fill.

I took Aidan to the Art Gallery/Art Center for his drawing class today and it is always a thrill to see my art on the walls in the gallery. While I was there I saw a pair of beautiful Dichroic Glass earrings that I HAD to have. The color blue on these was just to die for. I know the lady who makes these and she is such a lovely lady.

Today I have worked on potty training Gillian-so far she's done pretty well. She has had some accidents which I guess are to be expected, but she is catching on, I believe. I think its going to be much easier to do this since she has slowed down . Wish me luck!LOL

I sent off my entries for another art show-both of the Orange Related pieces I have had on here before. Send me some positive vibes! I hope they get juried in-I would be thrilled.

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