Friday, March 23, 2007

On the up and up

I think I am over being so sad about Gillian's diagnosis. I am feeling much more positive since talking to her preschool teacher yesterday. whew. I am tired today, but I feel close to being myself again. I got pretty upset the other day when I found out that the preschool has seen Gillian have these autistic tendancies since she was enrolled back in Aug 2005 and they never bothered to tell me. ugh!! I know there is nothing I can do about that now, but still! I could have gotten her help SO much sooner. oh well. Gotta move on.

Nothing much today-I dropped off 3 wall pieces and 2 small table art pieces at the gallery today-it was fun to be at the gallery today just briefly.

I need to get the move on for my 2nd piece to put in another art show-another orange related one. I am attaching a photo of my progress. So far I think its pretty hot :) Notice the crow has a human eye :)
All 3 items so far on this canvas are transfers. The "Meet me at the National Orange Show" is from an old postcard I got and scanned in and transferred. I am having fun with this one-I had to incorporate a crow in an orange show piece somehow, and this was a fun way to do it. Its 11x14 in size.
I hope to get this done in the next few days-I need to have my 2 pieces photographed and burned to disc to send in.


chipblue57 said...

Kristy, I love this piece so far and can't wait to see the finish product. The crow is so neat looking. I am glad that you are feeling much more positive. You are right you can't do anything about what has happened but you can be pro active now in regards to Gillian. That is what will help her the most.


belinda said...

looks really cool!! it's so fun to watch and read about you on your blog

Laura said...

For me the Crow is a symbols of restoring balance and to understand that there is a universal law that governs us all.

A Crow is a messager, listen they will let you know. They are very good parents and care deeply for the family. The young from the year before will some times stay on to help the parents with the new ones.

And you never can keep a crow with out stealing it's spirit. ~Keep the crow flying and free~