Friday, March 16, 2007

"Longing For Spring" Matted and Framed

I had this piece professionally matted and framed-isn't it gorgeous! I just picked it up. The photo does no justice-I wish you could see it in real life. Its amazing. I really needed something to brighten me up, and this did it.
I've just been taking things day to day, basically. I have not cried at all today, just sort of feel a little blah. Still very heartbroken too. Gillian is already acting much calmer since I started her on her medicine yesterday-its making her groggy though. I had a hard time getting to wake her up from a nap to take her to her class. I am hoping after a few days she will get better used to it so that she won't be so groggy. But, instead of running everywhere as she usually does, she walks. I even went shopping a bit yesterday-normally its horrible to take her anywhere because she acts up-she did really well, made no scenes or anything. The teacher's assistant today commented she was much more low key yesterday . So, all positive. Good for her, and good for me. Now if we can start this therapy for her soon, all will be well. I am feeling at peace about all this. I did a little research yesterday about Autism and Prematurity. Seems like theres a huge link between the two-I read that Magnesium Sulfate has a link to it-its given to women who are going into premature labor, to stop contractions. I had that. So, it could be a possibility this is what may have caused this. Then again, had I not had that, chances her her survival might not have been as good. Its all hard to say, and I will probably never know the answer.


Debi Wind said...

OMG, Kristy this is drop dead gorgeous!!! I wish I could see it in person because I know it would look even better!! You have done a masterpiece and should be proud of it.

I am glad that you are doing better. It will take some time for your feelings to sort out. Give it time. I am glad that you are doing things and going places. That is much better than hiding away due to what you have found out.

It sounds as though the medicine is helping Gillian. You are wise to give it a few days to give Gillian's body a chance to adapt. I hope that you will continue to see good changes in Gillian and receive good news from others.

Love your piece!!! It is awesome!


Wanda said...

Kristy, big ((HUGS)) for you and your whole family. I'm glad for your peace and, yes, things will be ok... you love your kids very much and that makes a world of difference. I love your piece, it's beautiful and so uplifting!!!!