Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Its snowing is SoCal today! Its not really sticking, but what fun!

My poor son gets the short end of the stick lately as far as attention goes, and I have felt so bad about it. I took him out of school a bit early, took him to lunch and we went shopping and got him a few things. I think it made him happy-I don't get much time with him by myself much. It was nice.
While we were at the outlets we hit the Harry and David Store-they have the bestest ever Bing Cherry Preserves-I have gone through 2 jars this past month-had to grab a couple more. Plus, it was still on sale. Heck, I might even go back and pick up more. We use that stuff on everything.
They had these cookies and cream malted milk balls too, and had to get a bag of neopolitan ones. That store can get me into serious trouble! And the sales people don't help coming around with all those samples!

I also got me a pair of Skechers that I have wanted...........I took a picture to show them off. Nothing better than a pair of new shoes :)

And, got to attach a pic of Gilly with her pink fleece jacket and hat my mom made a while back-its so cute on her.


chipblue57 said...

My gosh, Kristy, snow! It doesn't snow in SoCal very often. I bet it was fun. I bet you son loved the time with you. I bet it made him feel very special. Enjoy your Cherry preserves...they sound really good. Gillian looks so cute in the picture. What a doll!! Love your shoes!


Laura said...

Love your shoes Kristy where did you get them?


Laura said...

Thanks Kristy,
Ordered my this morning.(shoes) And also I received a gift card for artsupplies and I'm going to get me some of those crayons your using. Need to have some fun too.
Be well love and hugs to kido's