Monday, February 4, 2008

sheer agony

Its been an agonizing 3 days of NO time whatsoever and I am missing it.
Sick kid, and other various things keeping me away. sigh. Hopefully tomorrow!
My supplies are calling and I have an art exhibit coming up that I have to prepare for! ARGH!!!!!
I have GOT to get working!!!!!! seriously!
Its amazing what just a few days from doing art can do to the muse too..........wahhhhhhhh! I have felt brain dead yesterday and today-maybe because I just feel so tired. Please Muse, come home, come home! I will have to crank up the Mozart tomorrow morning when the kids go to school!LOL

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A Note From The Queen said...

Ahhh so thats where you've been, I've been wondering! Here's hoping life gets back to "normal".