Friday, February 8, 2008

Eye Strain-ouchey!

I have been sort of quiet the past couple days, I know. I have some really bad eye strain and I have not been online much to give my eyes a break. Its quite a bit better today but I need to take it easy today 'cos I am taking a class with Tim Holtz tomorrow at CHA!!! I want to have a good time and not be miserable, ya know! My eye strain was so bad the night before last that I hardly slept. I think its due to the fact I have done alot of stamping, and unfortunately my stamp area does not have as good of lighting as it probably should. I am not used to doing so much stamping so I think that is why, combined with the computer time too! Since all this I am going to be stamping somewhere else in the house with better lighting-that should help I am sure. I kinda got freaked out because a friend I ran into this morning told me I need to be extra careful because I could loose my sight from bad eye strain. Scary!

I did make a Bind It All Book for my son, who needed one for his Science project to log his research and progress , so will share that with you. It came out really kewl and he is just so proud of it :) Very simple, but love the effect. I bet no other kid will have a journal that looks like this! And yes, that is indeed black gesso on there LOL


kecia said...

have fun with Tim - he's a blast! tell him that Kecia says hello!

Anonymous said...

What a cool book you did for your son. I bet he loves it and is proud of it! Hope your eyes are doing much better. Please be careful with it. Have an awesome time in class tomorrow with Tim. I am so jealous...I would love to be in your shoes!