Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog Candy! Help me name this fella!

Help me! I need to name one of my newest pieces but I am just no good at naming them! I would really like him to have an old fashioned type name! Comment to this with your suggestion and if I pick the name you suggest you will win a manilla envelope of collage fodder from my own collection :)


ellen said...

Horace !?! It's a great picture...I don't know why that name came to me but it did.

UpsideDownSarah said...

How about "Formidable Fellow"?

Gabrielle Madsen said...

Yum, this is too fun!!

"The Philanthropist" or "Philanthropic Fellow" or "Philanthropy".......lol
you'll probably not like them all! Now I'm going to go and check my spelling. He's very beautiful, BTW. Goodluck.

thealteredpage said...

How about "Archibald's Antics"?!? And can I just say that asking your blog readers to provide a name is a really cool idea.

JeanM said...

He first made me think of a Gunther but then I noticed the figures in the background and his pocket watch and I knew he was the Dreaded Loan Officer at the bank.

brenda bliss said...

Looks like" Uncle Theodore-The Banker" to me
Very nice piece!
Bliss Happens!
breda bliss

Kelly Kilmer said...

Many Moods of Murphy
Murphy's Law
Murph's Law
(thinking of my Grandpa tonight LOL)
Tax Man
Money Troubles
Out of the Past
Nothing but the blues
Man of Mystery
Mr. Fox Demands Payment
Now or Never
Problem with being Earnest
Mr. Potter
My whole family is having fun with this one-LOL

Autumn Labbe-Renault said...

Hi Kristy,

What fun-- here's mine: "Ambrose the Actuary Lived for Monday Mornings"


altered melissa said...

Hey Kristy

I got some good names:
Bartholomew Plimmswood
Gilbert Gosebourne
Fulke Harlakinden

Sandi said...

I'm the change man!

Jingle jangle jingle man!

Mr. Bunny pockets!

I am having fun, can you tell?

Sandi in Illinois

Shelly Schmidt said...

Country Carl dresses up for the City (you can take the boy out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the boy!!!).

Ray the Reflector....I am not sure what he is reflecting, maybe- damn...is it our Anniversary, or hmmm is her birthday in February???

Anyway, thanks for the fun!
Shelly Schmidt

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristy, Awesome piece of Art!!
Abe comes to my mind for a great name...

Pam Bell

Jinny said...

My DH's fathers name was
Sterling, I also like:
Cyrus - my Grandpa
Donald - my other Grandpa!

Inka said...

What about Purvis? like the guy from the untouchables? or did you want to name the piece? if so how about The Pinkerton inquiry?

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Hi Kristy...he looks like he is from the era of my father...some of the names of that era are:


I know, some sound odd but they are from real people of the time...lol.

rubberrabbit said...

Well no man before 1950 was ever referred to by his first name! How rude!
A gentleman would have been Mr. Arthur French, Esq.

So that's my name for him:
Mr. Arthur French, Esq.


Gayle Page-Robak said...

I had to post again, Kristy, because there are two that are so obvious but I never thought about them...I know dad had a friend named Chris. Or, like you, it can also be spelled Kris. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

First I thought he looked like an oil tycoon, and then a banker...so I say name him after the character in the board game Monopoly: Rich Uncle Pennybags

Kelly said...


Dawnimaria said...

He reminds me of a proper, strict school principal. How about "Mr. Poindexter does not approve".

Angela said...

my vote is for "Mr Finch".


Anonymous said...

I would call him Wilfred

Lovely piece -

Anonymous said...

How about : 1. Cyril
2. Mackintosh
3. Ringland
4. Fisher
I like him a lot

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put my name in the last entry: Sorry!

Mary-Beth said...

LOL Kristy, every one is having such fun with this!!! My tired brain has stuck on

'Man in Blue'

and as he looks like a Charles to me,

'Blue Charlie'

Good luck picking a name!

Jodi said...

I just love this piece!

To me, he looks like he's giving a "come-hither" look to the woman of his dreams... Not sure how that translates into a name, but here are a few ideas...





"Time for romance"

"Dashing Daniel Dreams of Doris"

"Frankly, my dear...."

You've received some great ideas! Anxious to hear what you come up with!

Carmen said...

"Wayland's watching."

I really like this piece!

Francine said...

Great piece!
How about Daper Dan?
Francine D-Hill

Anonymous said...

My grandparents went out for 3 months before she found out his real name was Bud. For 3 months she thought his name was Willy Binebugle. SO I say Willy Binebugle. He needs a face with that story! This will be anonymous since I don't have a blog Linda

Rosie said...

Kristy, what a fun thing to do!! I picture him as rather dapper, in a straitlaced kind of way, so I'd call him Archibald "Dapper" Davies or Jeremy Scarsdale or even Theobald the Thinker...
Enjoy picking a name!! :D

Carolyn said...

Uncle Henry or
Patriarch Henry
Let the good times roll
Sunday best

Kristy, this is my favorite piece!


Anonymous said...

He is "A man of time."
Or, "A man on time."

Sarah said...

Hi Kristy
My grandads name were
Arthur and Basil so im going with those names
hugs Sarah xx

Mandy C said...

looks like an Ernest to me

Michelle Adams said...

How about "Timepieces" or "Pieces of Time"? I love the watch dangling from a chain on his vest.

peggy gatto said...

Chauncy Penwell! My uncle's actual name....everyone called him "bud", wonder why????

Cindy said...

I didn't read through all the suggestions, so I hope this wasn't posted already.."Pretty Boy Floyd" My FIL ran moon shine for him in the day!

Mary Ellen said...

Edward Allerbee - the exclusive bank executive

Andrea Plotts said...

I love it, its such an intriguing piece Kristy!

I was thinking maybe...
Change in his pockets or
Change in my pockets...
The Coin Jingler

Maybe? Simple but it looks like he's jingling his change *lol*
You do great work, I love your blog!

Andrea from W.V

Anonymous said...

Kristy, awesome piece!! Just love it!

How about "Robert Anderson...my grandpa! (first and middle name)

hilli said...

Henry "Hank" McAllister

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grumpypants is my favorite!

Esmeralda said...

This is fun..his suit looks like blue velvet. So I'm going to say,"The Man in Blue?" I know his suit isn't suede, but he looks comfortable in it which reminds me of Elvis' song Blue Suede Shoes, so how about "Blue Suede Suit?" :)

Sandie R said...

He looks like he is frowning and shaking his head as if lamenting the mischief of disobedient school boys. So I suggest,
'The Disapproving Headmaster'

Cathy said...

How about Dapper Dan. He seems to have on the perfect outfit and accessories. Very dapper!

Doris said...

How about
Uncle Fred on his way to church

My dad always dressed up for church similar to this and his name was Fred LOL.

Anonymous said...

He looks like Mr. Moneypenny to me, a banker. I love that their name usually indicated their occupation. Linda R.

Yogi said...

Straighted Laced
Take care Yogi

Anonymous said...

How about Wendell?
He looks like a Wendell to me. :)
I just came over here after seeing your post on the ART website...and I really like your blog!! Very nice work!!

Melissa said...

This is cool, asking for advice. I actually have 3.
Banker Bert the numbers drove him berserk. or
Homer Howington or
Deranged Dewy, the bank drove him screwy.
Hope u can find one. Good Luck.

primdollie said...

Oh love this piece and he looks so distinguished!!!Looks like Sir Robert or Rupert he is quite a dapper chap!! can't wait to see what you name him!!! Hugs Linda

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Rhett Montgomery. LOL! It's a name!!!!
hugs, chris p

Anonymous said...

Desmond Abernathy III, Esq.

Mel Seigfried said...

How about Emmitt P. Quibly III.
The piece looks great!

Flo Hollingsworth said...

Okay, here's one: "That's Carroll - 2 "r's" and 2 "l's", and it's Mister to you!"

My husband get's that a lot - His name is Carroll the 2nd. And a very old-fashioned name!

Kersten said...

Kristy, the second he flashed up on my screen, I thought 'Newton'. He definitely wears that name well. :)

Sherry said...

Ungard the Undertaker

Therese D in Oz said...

What a fantastic idea and so many wonderful suggestions. If you are purely looking for a name for themn I think he looks like a Winston Cholmondley (pronounce Chumley) or a Walter. If you are looking for more of an idea for the piece, then I would go with something related to a trip into town. Everyone used to dress up in their Sunday best to go into the city (well, in Sydney anyway).

Kristy Cokayne said...

He looks like an Albert to me!:o)

Scarlett said...

He reminds me of British royalty.

You could name him
Ernest Anton Charles Louis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld

The Saxe-Coburg-Sallfeld line married into British royalty in Queen Victoria's time with the marriage of the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Upon Prince's Phillip cornation, his counsel suggested changing his name as it sounded to German. He therefore chose the name Windsor.

Duke Ernst, however disagreed vehemently and continued to use his last name.

This was probably the last known picture of Ernst before his fatal hunting accident in which the tragic details remain secret to this day.

Johligo said...

When I looked at him (I like him, BTW!), this name screamed itself into my brain - Humbert Eustace Bennett. He'll always be that to me ;-)
~ Johligo

Anonymous said...

What a fun piece, I love the colors.
I think it should be named
Difficult Decision
or maybe
Waiting for Romance

Great job Kristy
jeanette/ tinbird

karen said...

How about Charles W. Rupert,III
He's a handsome fellow, BTW
Thank you for the cool idea. Have fun choosing a name

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

How about Stately Stan? Hummm? Renea

purplepaint said...

How about:

"Stubborn in Blue" or
"Stubborn Bill Blue" or
"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" or
"Set in his ways" or
If you need more let me know. :) Marva

Cory said...

I happen to like "out of the ordinary titles" here are a few...more where these came from.

"The 20 second pause"
"Individual Identity"
"I remember thinking"
"The companionship of silence"
" The total of one"

Have fun...Cory

redhead7-Glenda said...

Uncle Cyrus always dressed appropriately for the occasion

Mary S Hunt said...

I am a big fan of your work Kristy!! and he is no exception...I am not so sure he needs a particular name...per say
tho you have some fine samples to choose from...maybe name it something like "all in a days work"
more a title than a name....it will come to you
he is wonderful tho!

---MARILYN DAMSCHEN--- said...

Oh, that's Horace K. Coinjingler! I'm surprised you didn't recognize him;-)

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Wow love the piece Kristy!!
"Flannagan's Time Piece" is what popped into my head

Kim said...

'He was a Good Fella to know. . ." kinda works for me.
Have fun choosing :).

Wanda H said...

Handsome Howard

Love this piece, Kristy!!

susi said...

"I thought I told you to have her home by 11pm"


"Just what ARE your intentions?"

This is fun! Can't wait to see what you pick!


Kalyber said...

Ernest Pimbody That's the first name that came to mind when I saw him. Some of the others listed here are quite good too. But I think he's an Ernest.

Anonymous said...

Howie is what came to mind. He looks like He's saying how do I look.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks like Edgar Malone or Copper Fish is his underworld name!
Mary Puskar