Monday, February 26, 2007

Longing for Spring

At least that is how I am feeling today-looking outside at the overcast, somewhat moist weather.

Its the first time today in over a week that I have done anything creative. A week without a computer and a sick child really had me feeling isolated last week :(

But today, after Gillian went to preschool I was determined to do a little something. I got my Color Mists out and did some playing. These colors are so scrumptious!

This is 5x7 on matboard. Not my usual substrate, but I wanted to do something a little different, so grabbed out a piece. I have loads of matboard, as I used to use it all the time for making my little books, as well as collage. My preference really these days is Canvas for my collages. But this was fun for a change :)

Its got some stamping on this, image transfer (the dandelion) and layers layers layers.

"Longing For Spring" 5x7 on matboard

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Computer is back

Got my computer back a few hours ago-actually more like 5 hours ago! I have spent the past 5 hours getting connecting back to the internet, downloading software galore and my drivers for the scanner and printer. I have a raging headache to say the least!

Needless to say, I am SO glad to have it back! Its just amazing to me how much I truly rely on this thing for just every day life-postage stamps, the printer for my image transfers, and just for my sanity's sake! I am sad that I lost ALL my files, but not much I can do about that. I did get an external hard drive though to back up on so that It won't happen again. The sad thing is , is that I have to scan in ALL my index sheets for my stamp images to send to the customers-but I think my best bet will be to do it as I get the orders for them, instead of stressing out and getting it all done at once. I have to rebuild my customer database too-ugh! I have to get their information and entering it all in again -ack!

I am glad to be able to have my printer back so I can get back to doing some image transfers. I did work on a beginning of a collage yesterday and ached for my printer. Now maybe I can do more. I just have to get alot of my images back :(

Anyway, last saturday I went to my friend Vickie's and we did some fabric ATCs . I am attaching a pic to share. IT was loads of fun...........its made me think that maybe I will get my machine out of storage :) Now to find a place for it!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hard Drive Crash

ohhhhh woe is me :( My just-under-a-year old computer crashed. died. Would not even boot up to windows!~ My son was on the 'puter playing a game and suddenly is just froze up, so I went to restart it and it just wouldn't do a darn thing. so I rushed it to CompUSA where we got it and he confirmed that the hard drive was gone-not even able to recover any data off it. sigh. I lost EVERYTHING. sigh. I learned my lesson-I NEED to get an external hard drive. This stinks! I luckily have an old CPU that I am using at the moment, so I am not totally silent and can answer emails, etc. I am pretty caught up on my orders for the most part, but there is one lady I need to get ahold of to get her address. She also ordered some more stuff today and I can't remember it all so I need to get that from her too. sigh. I am trying not to get overly worried about it, as it always works out so worrying is a waste of time, you know? My computer won't be back for about 7-10 days they say. Oh well, at least its under warranty, and , I do have at least a computer to use in the mean time.

The day was GREAT until this happened. I got all my stuff down to the gallery-it was SO great. Today is take-in day so there was a ton of new art being brought in. It works like a co-op, its really kewl I think. I have to work a couple shifts a month (like 4 hours per shift) and I am really excited to get out of the house (away from kids) and be around not only some adults, but some inspiration as well.
Yesterday our gallery down town here , which is also a frame shop, showed interest in my work as well. she asked lots of questions and she told me she wants to know how it does at this other gallery. she said one of their featured artists saw my work and wanted to buy one!LOL It made me feel real good. She gave me such high compliments. she's been working in the art industry for like 20 years or so, so it was a real compliment I thought. I am sure she will see me again soon -Its right down the street a bit and I always have them put the wire on the backs of my canvas for hanging. I am sure being in contact with her will help too. Seems like alot of doors have been opening lately and I am beyond thrilled.

Gillian got over her flu and is back to her normal, spunky self. I am SO glad. So far I haven't gotten it, and fingers crossed that I don't get it-I don't want it! Lots of people around here are getting the stomach flu :(

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Not much to really blog about the last few days, unfortunately.
My husband was sick with the flu ALL weekend, then Gillian got it sunday night-I was up ALL night sunday night/monday morning-not one ounce of sleep at all. I was so deliriously tired!LOL Still am-I had to take the day off work today as well (pressing rubber, shipping, etc) because Gillian is still not 100% and I am just too dang tired.
Amidst all my tiredness I still gathered up some supplies and did a 9x12 collage. How I did it I will never know. I was just staring at this leaf image, gathered up some papers , grabbed a couple different paints and just created. I was amazed at how well it turned out , being as tired as I was. I am attaching it here. Now I have my 3 collages to take to the gallery on Friday.
whew. I am attaching a pic of it-of course it looks way different in person-pictures never do them justice. I REALLY like it. Its amazing how you can just look at an image and be inspired by it and just go with it and create something. I had no idea, being how tired I was, how it would even turn out. Thats usually how I start out-being inspired by a certain image and just going with the flow of things.
Also attaching an image I gessoed and painted in. I LOVED this picture of the two hands with the butterfly! It was a free domain photo that I converted to b/w and went from there. I did this last week.
I am hoping tonight after a good night's sleep that we will ALL feel better around here. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get this horrible stomach flu! I have been washing and disinfecting around here like a madwoman!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

collage is coming along

Here's one that I have been working on the past couple days-in between taking care of a very sick husband (stomach flu-yuck!) and a very hyperactive toddler :(
Needless to say I am ALL nerves right now-Gillian must feel alot of my anxiety/exhaustion at the moment plus with her dad being so sick is not helping.
Gillian has been really having a rough couple of days and its really getting to me, unfortunately :(

Anyway, I am making a teeny bit of progress. still more to do, but I am taking a small break. I do hope my muse continues to work. When I am under extreme stress when Gillian acts up it makes it VERY difficult. I have to have a 3rd collage ready soon-I have to deliver these to the gallery on Friday and I am really wanting to take 3 , rather than 2.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

An "Ever so quick" ATC

I did this one in like 10 minutes tops-just HAD to do SOMETHING today. The background is a "Starburst Stain" from Lindy's Stamp Gang-they are pretty fun :) I received some as a gift for a late B-day gift :) I got 5 different ones and have finally been able to try them out :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

beginnings of something

I have been playing with this canvas since yesterday. This thing has multiple layers of paint and old papers on it..........each thing I have done to it I have not been happy with. So I re-primed it last night and decided "what the heck" and painted onto it today. It looks pretty neat but who knows what it will end up like. One of the many things I adore about doing collage. I can feel another abstract one coming on.
I am wanting to do one more collage for the gallery-I have to deliver them next Friday so they have to be all ready to hang, etc. My poor brain feels like it needs a break-actually its screaming that it needs one!LOL. I am mentally and physically tired. Feeling better from the sinus infection stuff, but just tired otherwise. ugh. I hate feeling like this!

Etsy shop

Okay I did it.........took the plunge and opened an etsy shop for some of my original collage paintings!
Check it out here:

Monday, February 5, 2007


This is very abstract-I love the way this came out :)

Its called " Cromatic"
6x12 on canvas
acrylics, found papers, handpainted papers.

something new

I finished this collage-not sure if I like it though. I am not sure why?
I think its well balanced and all-maybe I just need to walk away from it.

I am feeling much better-slowly getting back into my routine again. It was a sinus infection and it totally kicked my butt this time!

I have been asked to design a CD cover for an upcoming CD for a band. Its one of my online friends and he is just too cool. One of the band members was from "The Sparks" if any of you 80's folks remember them :) He's the drummer and does the recordings in his studio. Nice guys! I feel honored and priveleged to do some artwork for their CD. Now they are coming up with a name for it and I guess I can take it from there.

Today my Gilly starts her special class. I am happy in a way, sad in others. That IEP meeting from last week really had me in an uproar. I am still pretty mad about it but I am trying to realize they don't know what they are talking about! ARGH!! I think Gilly will excel in this class-only 5 kids and 3 adults. And these people are specialized to work with kids with special needs.
Hopefully today will be a good day. I am trying to do what makes me feel good today. Its just one of those days.